FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.5 Ultimate Dragoon Guide

Welcome to the most comprehensive Dragoon guide you’ll ever need, tailored for the FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.5 edition. If you desire a melee DPS class that wields a long, hard, and sturdy spear to deal devastating damage, then the Dragoon is the job for you. In this guide, we’ll delve into every aspect of Dragoon gameplay, making it beginner-friendly and straightforward.

Dragoon Basics

  • GCD Combos: Understanding the basic GCD combo actions for one to two targets: True Thrust, Vorpal Thrust, Heavy Thrust, Fang and Claw, Wheeling Thrust. Optimizing your combo by executing certain moves from the flank or rear of your target for added damage.
  • Multi-Dotting: Exploring the strategy of multi-dotting when facing two or more enemies with significant HP. Maximizing your damage output by continuously using your Chaos Thrust combo on both targets.
  • The Importance of Positioning: Explaining the significance of proper positioning and maintaining optimal damage.Utilizing Piercing Talon as a range attack option without breaking your combo when forced to disengage.
  • AOE Combos: Introducing the AOE combo for dealing with groups of enemies: Doom Spike, Sonic Thrust, Coerthan Torment.Demonstrating how these abilities are used to handle multiple foes effectively.

Dragoon Abilities and Buffs

  • Draconian Fire: Exploring the concept of Draconian Fire, a critical mechanic in a Dragoon’s rotation. Discussing how to accumulate and use Draconian Fire stacks for enhanced damage.
  • Defensive Abilities: Acknowledging the lack of defensive abilities for Dragoons. Understanding the role of Life Surge in your rotation and the need to prioritize its use.
  • Lance Charge: Unveiling the significance of Lance Charge, which increases your damage output. Emphasizing the importance of using Lance Charge on cooldown to maximize your DPS.
  • Battle Litany: Explaining the Battle Litany ability and its role as a party-wide critical hit rate increase.Encouraging Dragoons to use Battle Litany off cooldown and ensure alignment with other party buffs.
  • Dragon Sight: Introducing Dragon Sight and its function in increasing damage for you and a targeted party member.Emphasizing the need to use this ability on a party member for maximum effectiveness.

The Art of Jumping

  • Elusive Jump: Learning how to use Elusive Jump to leap backward and create distance from your target. Mastering this jump to enhance your gameplay, despite its somewhat tricky execution.
  • Spine Shatter Dive and Dragonfire Dive: Understanding the mechanics of Spine Shatter Dive and Dragonfire Dive, both of which allow you to jump to a target. Optimizing the use of these abilities for maximum damage and gameplay.
  • Dragoon Gauge and Associated Abilities: Delving into the Dragoon Gauge and its associated abilities, such as Mirage Dive and Star Diver.Discussing the concept of “Life of the Dragon” and how to achieve it for devastating attacks.

Roll Actions

  • Second Wind: Discovering Second Wind, a self-healing ability that can assist healers during high damage phases. Learning when and how to use Second Wind effectively.
  • Leg Sweep: Exploring Leg Sweep and its stun effect, which can temporarily incapacitate your target. Discussing situations where Leg Sweep can be beneficial, especially in dungeons or solo content.
  • Bloodbath: Understanding the mechanics of Bloodbath, which converts physical damage dealt into HP.Learning how to use Bloodbath to maintain your HP, especially when healers are occupied.
  • Faint: Delving into the Faint ability, which reduces the physical and magical damage output of your target.
    Realizing the value of Faint in reducing incoming damage for your party members.
  • Arms Length: Explaining Arms Length, an ability that grants immunity to most knockback and draw effects. Discussing its applications for maintaining optimal positioning and uptime.
  • True North: Discovering True North, an ability that nullifies positional requirements for a short duration. Learning when to use True North to ensure you maintain your damage output.

Level 50 to 80 and Level 90 Rotation

  • Level 50 to 80 Rotation: Providing an overview of the basic rotation from level 50 to 80.Discussing the simple rotation and the power of Chaos Thrust.
  • Level 90 Rotation: Presenting the detailed level 90 rotation for Dragoons, including openers and optimal rotation sequences. Emphasizing the importance of maximizing damage during the burst window.

Stat Priority

Stats to Aim For: Guiding you on the ideal stat priority for your Dragoon. Prioritizing critical hit, determination, skill speed, and other stats for optimal performance.

With this comprehensive guide, you’re now well-equipped to master the art of Dragoon in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker Patch 6.5. As you progress in your journey, remember that practice makes perfect, and your dedication to mastering this job will pay off. So, go forth, pierce the heavens with your mighty spear, and make your mark on Eorzea as a fearsome Dragoon. Good luck on your adventures!

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