How Can You Quickly Acquire Dark Matter in the New World Season 3?

The recent gear rework introduced with the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion has shifted the New World landscape. Gone are the days of Umbral Shards, replaced by the coveted Dark Matter, essential for upgrading gear to its max potential. With the need for large quantities of this material to modify gear perks or advance artifacts, players are on a continuous hunt. This guide illuminates the top three strategies to amass Dark Matter efficiently.

Method 1: PVE Raids, Expeditions, and Trials

The first method we’ll discuss is the most rewarding but may seem daunting for some players. Engaging in PVE raids, expeditions, and trials can yield significant amounts of Dark Matter. While they might require a time investment, the rewards are worth it. Here are the top activities within this method:

  • Sandworm Raid: This raid can be challenging, but if you have a competent group, it’s a fantastic source of Dark Matter. Completing this raid once a week can earn you up to 400 Dark Matter. This includes 320 for the weekly bonus, 80 for the daily bonus, and an extra 20 for killing the boss. If you’re up for it, you can tackle the boss daily for an additional 700 Dark Matter. Even running it once a week for 420 Dark Matter is a considerable return on your time. Additionally, the raid can yield legendary drops, providing extra Dark Matter.
  • Expeditions: Mutated expeditions, especially those at M3 difficulty, can be lucrative. Completing an M3 Expedition can grant you between 8 and 40 Dark Matter, depending on your performance. With a limit of 35 expeditions per week, you can potentially amass up to 1,400 Dark Matter. Invest some time into finding a company to join, equip M3 gear, and learn the mechanics to add this to your Dark Matter grinding routine. In addition to Dark Matter, expeditions offer plenty of legendary drops that can be salvaged for more resources.
  • Trials – The Hatchery: Completing the Hatchery trial can yield up to 10 Dark Matter, along with other legendary items from reward caches. This activity requires a group of 10 players, making it a bit of work to organize, but it’s relatively straightforward and less skill-dependent compared to the other PVE options. Completing it seven times a week will also provide bonus rewards, including more legendary items to salvage for Dark Matter.

Method 2: Salvaging Legendary Items

If you’re looking for a more casual way to accumulate Dark Matter, this method is perfect for both solo and group play. It involves looting legendary items and salvaging them for Dark Matter. Here’s how you can effectively implement this method:

  • World Bosses: Identify world bosses with short spawn times that drop a plethora of legendaries. Focus on those with unique drops that players often farm for. For instance, Siren’s Brute is an excellent choice due to its quick spawn time and the highly sought-after legendary Mount Charm. Join a group that’s grinding this boss, tag the boss every time it spawns, and collect legendary items for salvaging.
  • Elite Chest Runs and Portal Runs: Keep an eye on recruitment chat for elite chest runs or portal runs. Both activities can provide a steady stream of legendary items. Elite chests, in particular, have a chance of granting two Dark Matter when opened, making them a significant source of this resource. Portal runs also offer Dark Matter as part of the rewards.
  • Expeditions: If you’re not ready for M3 Expeditions, don’t worry. Normal difficulty expeditions or M1 expeditions can still help you gather legendary items for salvaging. These can be a great way to gather resources when you need a break from world bosses or monster farming.

Method 3: Daily Events

Lastly, participating in daily events is a consistent way to earn Dark Matter. These events change regularly, so keep an eye on the New World website or global chat for updates. Many of these events offer daily chances to obtain Dark Matter. Here are some examples:

  • Sand Eggs Event: If a sand eggs event is running, take down the boss three times a day to receive bonus rewards, including Dark Matter. These events are typically quick and easy to complete, as many players are looking to accomplish their daily objectives.

With these three efficient methods at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to gather Dark Matter swiftly and efficiently in New World. Whether you prefer the challenge of PVE content, salvaging legendary items, or participating in daily events, you have the tools you need to optimize your character’s gear and become a formidable presence in Aeternum. Don’t forget to share any additional Dark Matter grinding methods in the comments to help your fellow adventurers on their journey. Start collecting Dark Matter today and embark on your path to gear mastery in New World!

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