What Are the Key Features of the New World 2023 Nightveil Hallow Event?

The Nightveil Hallow event is back, and it’s time to dive into the festivities in the New World. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about this event, including how to access rewards, complete quests, and what notable rewards you should be aiming for. The event is available from the 18th of October to the 14th of November, so you have plenty of time to partake in the Halloween fun. Let’s get started!

Costume Rewards

This year’s Nightveil Hallow event brings some fantastic costume rewards. These costumes can be acquired by defeating Baalphazu, the event’s main boss, and by contributing to the town centerpieces. There are four different costume types to collect:

  • Captain Thorp
  • Adana
  • Anub I Reaver
  • Lost Monarch

These costumes not only look spooky and cool but also provide a unique gameplay mechanic. When you wear one of these costumes, you can explore towns to find hidden treat baskets. These baskets are usually located near large piles of autumn leaves. The costumes last for 30 minutes, and here’s why you’ll want to find those treat baskets:

  • Baalphazu Armor Pieces: Each treat basket has a 10% chance of containing a Baalphazu armor piece.
  • Nightveil Tokens: You can get two Nightveil tokens from each treat basket, and you can collect these three times daily, for a total of up to six.
  • Candy: A new limited-time consumable that comes in four different flavors. While its effects aren’t entirely clear, it’s a cool addition to the game.

To access the costume, you need to go to your inventory and click on the costume item, which will add it to your hotbar. Activate it, and you’ll be transformed into your chosen character.

Defeating Baalphazu

Baalphazu, the main event boss, is a formidable foe with a substantial amount of health. To make your encounters with Baalphazu more efficient, consider the following strategies:

  • Heavy Attacks: Use heavy attacks to break Baalphazu’s stamina bar. This allows you to deal massive damage, potentially over 40,000 to 50,000 per hit.
  • Group Up: Baalphazu encounters are popular, so you should easily find a group to join. The new raid system makes it easier to coordinate and defeat the boss.

Baalphazu rewards you with various items, including Baalphazu armor pieces and costumes. You can obtain Baalphazu armor pieces up to five times daily, and costumes are available three times daily. Additionally, you can gather Ior from Balazo without a limit, which you’ll need to turn in at The Cauldron inside towns.

Event Reputation and Shop

When you complete the quest for the first time during this event, it will grant you all the required XP to reach the maximum reputation level. This unlocks five Nightveil Tokens, two random Nightveil Hallow Weapon patterns, and access to the Nightveil Sentinel section of the event shop. This means you can purchase all the event items.

Every time you hand in Ior, you can obtain additional rewards. Each reward chest may contain:

  • Between seven and 13 Nightveil Tokens
  • One random Nightveil Hallow Weapon pattern
  • A coin bag (limited to three times daily) with around 120 coins
  • A diamond gypsum

In the Nightveil Hallow shop, you’ll find various tiers with different rewards:

  • Fledgling Tier: Offers patterns for different weapons, including Shields.
  • Nightveil Sentinel: Contains items from the previous year, including housing items and patterns for Nightveil weapons with a gear score of 675.
  • Nightveil Ghoul: Unlocked after completing the quest, this section features new items, housing items, emotes, and more for the 2023 edition.

Don’t forget that you can get a first-time craft bonus when you craft items from the Nightveil Hallow Weapon patterns. This bonus provides additional weapon-smithing XP. Even if the gear score isn’t 700, these patterns are worth considering.

Make sure to check out the transmogs, camp skins, and other cosmetic items available in the shop. These items can add a unique flair to your character and gear. If you want to level up your weapon smithing or engineering skills, this event is a great opportunity to earn extra XP.

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