Runescape Guide: Taking on the Big Booty Baddie with Necromancy

Hello, beautiful people! Today, we’re diving into a guide that will help you tackle one of the fiercest foes in Runescape, the Big Booty Baddie with wangs and horns, known as Nex. With the power of necromancy by your side, you’ll be able to handle this solo encounter like a pro. We’ll walk you through the essentials you need to know to take on Nex and emerge victorious. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s embark on this exciting journey!

Gear and Equipment:
To face Nex, you’ll need the right gear and equipment.
Here’s what you’ll want to bring:
Necromancy Armor and Weapons: Equip your best necromancy gear for maximum effectiveness in battle.
Rings, Necklaces, and a Necromancy Zuck Cape: These accessories will boost your stats and give you an edge in the fight.
A Nice Night Hill: This item will improve your accuracy and help you land those critical hits.
Optional: Bring a book like the Scripture of Joss or use an aura like Majorat if you have them, but they aren’t necessary.
Anti-poison and VIP Pot: Be prepared for any unexpected situations.
Inventory: Necromancy items, ectoplasm, and Darkness runes. Cast Darkness in the BBM Hub if necessary.
Be ready to cast Invoke Death manually if your death dealer robes don’t trigger it.

Getting Started:
Once you’ve geared up, it’s time to face Nex.
Here’s what you need to do:
Summon Your Minions: Begin the battle by calling your minions. Fighting fire with fire can be quite effective.
Darkness: Don’t forget to activate Darkness at the start of the fight to avoid bad vibes.
Anticipate: Use Anticipate to prevent being dragged and stunned.
Unleash Your DPS: Attack Nex with your best abilities, including Death Skulls, Finger of Death, and Volley of Souls.
Phase Transition: After damaging Nex, transition to the corner and defeat the Corner boy.

Blood Phase:
During the Blood Phase, follow these steps:
Cooldown Reset: Ensure that the Death Skulls cooldown is reset by reaching 100 adrenaline and using Living Death.
Phasing Nex: Continue attacking Nex and use Adrenaline Renewal to keep up the pressure.
Pray Range or Soul Split: Choose your preferred prayer (Range or Soul Split) and avoid standing on the shadows spawned by Nex.
Finish the Phase: Once Nex raises her arms, unleash your abilities and finish the Blood Phase quickly.

Ice Prison:
Prepare for the Ice Prison phase:
Eat to Full Health: Make sure you’re at full health before entering the Ice Prison.
Power Burst of Vitality: Consider using Power Burst of Vitality to increase your HP.
Tank the Ice Prison: Survive the Ice Prison by eating and using defensive abilities as needed.
Avoid Ice Spikes: When Nex says, “Contain this,” move away to avoid the incoming ice spikes.
Anticipate or Use Freedom: Be ready to use Anticipate or Freedom if necessary.

Back to DPS:
After defeating the last Corner boy, it’s time to go all out on Nex:
Unleash Your DPS: Continue your assault on Nex.
Apply Death Mark: Ensure Nex is Death Marked to make her disappear below 30k HP.
Run Away: After defeating Nex, move away from her body to avoid any post-death attacks.

Tips and Tricks:
To anticipate the Ice Prison, watch Nex’s animations. If she repeats her animation, you’ll get a prison; if she does it twice more, you’ll get “Contain this.”
You can reconjure your battle buddies for free after defeating the Corner boys, as long as you don’t click on Nex or consume adrenaline.

Congratulations! You’ve now become an expert at taking on Nex with the power of necromancy. With the gear, strategies, and tips provided in this guide, you’re well-prepared to farm Nex and reap the rewards. Keep in mind that watching this guide gives you a secret 772% RNG boost (just trust us on this one!). So gear up, dive into the fight, and enjoy the spoils of victory!

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