Whats New In Risk of Rain Returns?

Gearbox and Ho poo Games announced that Risk of Rain Returns, a RIMA of the original platformer of 2013, will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023.
This new version of the game was created from scratch and will differ in improved visual effects.
As well as new content.
According to Duncan Diamond, the co-founder of Hope Games, Risk of Rain Returns takes everything we learned when creating Risk of Rain 2, and applies this to the original, which we created in our dormitory room.
It is important for us that we look back at our early work.
Risk of Rain Returns is a small sign of our appreciation to this incredible community.


We hope that everyone is as excited about the future as we are.

What to expect from Risk of Rain Revamped

In addition to the updated code base, the developers will introduce the functions and lessons extracted from the creation of Risk of Rain 2 to Risk of Rain Returns.
The game will also have a reconstructed multiplayer, as well as new surviving, abilities of survivors, objects and much more.
Chris Christodulu, who wrote the soundtrack for the original game, will also return to write the soundtrack for Risk of Rain Returns.
Last month, Gearbox completely acquired the Risk of Rain franchise.
The original Risk of Rain was published by Chuckle fish, and Gearbox published Risk of Rain 2 in 2020.
With the announcement of Risk of Rain Returns, it seems to Gearbox hopes to continue the development of the success of the franchise and offer new and exciting content.
To their fans.

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