Win An Advent Calendar With 22 Items!

Advent calendars are a great way to count down the days until Christmas and make your last few weeks before it arrives more exciting. As well as being an opportunity to eat chocolate (or other delicious items) each day, these calendars also offer a chance to win prizes! In this article, we take a look at one especially enticing Advent calendar that offers 22 different prize items.

In the Advent calendar, fantastic prizes and many games are concealed every day, which we are providing away from all individuals.
Every day you have the chance to win grandiose prizes with your five remarks for 5 different news of the day.


Today there is a 4th Advent to win in thick revolver bundle.
A delighted winner gets a whole load of games.
The revolver package (involvement from 18) includes: Shadow Warrior 3, Weird West, Trek to Yogi and Cult of the Lamb.

That’s not all, due to the fact that you can also win one of three Psychopath 2 Mother lobe Editions:
In addition, we put another animal shelter on leading five times:

Advent calendar costs

Revolver bundle (from 18) including:
Shadow Warrior 3 (involvement from 18).
+ Weird West.
+ Trek to Yogi.
+ Cult of the Lamb.
With it, you’ll get:.
3xpsychonauts 2 Mother lobe Edition-Disc.
5x animal shelter simulator.

Advent calendar competitors rules.

Daily earnings: To be part of the Advent Calendar every day, you need to compose a minimum of five discuss 5 various news every day.
Anybody who composed 5 various news remarks a day automatically winds up in the daily draw.
Process: We open a door in the advent calendar every day in the news of the day.
With your five comments on five various news of the day, you collect your involvement and instantly participate in the day-to-day advent calendar draw.
Anybody who writes less remarks a day does not end up in the everyday draw.
Keep in mind: All winners will be informed about their profit via personal message.
Spam note: The advent calendar has to do with leaving his opinion in a good remark on five various news issues and not publishing the Advent calendar news five times.
5 normal remarks with an opinion on the subject on 5 different news on the same day.
Anybody who spams, their account will instantly exclude the draw and obstruct it if needed.
Similar to all competitions, the basic conditions of participation apply.
If you would like to support us in the future, leave a follow on our channels and share this door with your pals:.
Website: www..
The whole group keeps their fingers crossed for all participants and wish you a fantastic advent calendar time!
This calendar is our thanks to you for your support and your trust in us.
In addition, you have the option of winning a strictly minimal and uncommon Fallout Pip-Boy Edition.
Click here for the raffle:.
That’s not all, since by December 24, 2022, you can also win a Gotham Knights Collectors Edition worth 399.99 euros (RRP).
Click on this link for the raffle:.

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