Moonshine in Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Find A Good Hoot and a Jug

What is a great way to cool down in the heat of the summer? Drinking some moonshine! But this drink can be difficult to find if you still decide where to go, so we want to help you out and offer some locations to buy Moonshine.

Are you searching for Moonshine in Red Dead Redemption 2?
This beverage can be difficult to discover if you still decide where to go.
There are various places where you can find this article or purchase at a low price.


Moonshine effects are helpful for Arthur in RD2, and if you have as a lot of them as possible, you can survive longer in big shootings.
Continue reading to discover different places where players can find this uncommon object.

places for Moonshine in Red Dead Redemption 2

Moonshine fills your Dead Eye meter and no Dead Eye is used for 10 seconds, stated the description in the video game.
If Dead Eye could protect her from being killed in a tough battle, this effect can get you out of the terminal.
However, it is crucial to keep in mind that you shouldn’t consume excessive moonshine, as it can result in Arthur being intoxicated and is quite hard to control.
Gamers can also use Moonshine to make fire bottle leash deadly weapon.
Moonshine can usually be purchased for about $60, however is often available for $30.
Below you will discover a list of dealers and physicians who have Moonshine in stock.
Medical professional’s workplace The Burglars Landing (New Austin).
The doctor’s office in the Chupparosa (Nero Paris).

  • The doctor’s workplace of Backwaters (West Elizabeth).
  • The Medical District Laden from Backwaters (West Elizabeth).
    These places have moonshine in stock, but just a couple of at every place, so ensure that you use them carefully.
    Likewise, keep in mind that if you survive chapter 2, you will encounter a post-coache objective that, as quickly as you have actually made you, a seller is available on the emerald cattle ranch called Fence, which also sells Moonshine.
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