Death Stranding Film Adaptation In The Works?

Video Kolyma, the creator of Death Stranding, wants to adapt his game into a film, and it would appear that an adaptation is in the works.


The case appeared to be spoken with the moment Kolyma Productions announced the development of a Californian subsidiary dedicated to movie, TV and musical jobs: stopping working to advance the Metal Gear movie project, Video Kolyma will supervise the adaptation
Cinematographic by Death Stranding.
Nice end of year for Kolyma Productions.
A week after the discovery of Death Stranding 2 through an interesting kinematic trailer for the Video game Awards, the studio announces that it has entered into a contract with Hammer stone Studios to produce a movie’s adaptation of the license.
According to the info reported by the Due date site, the young production home which has actually signed five films since its creation in 2018 will finance the entire task, of which Video Kolyma will be one of the manufacturers with Alex Ebonics, creator of Hammer stone Studios.

My body comprises 70% motion pictures

I might not be more excited by this new collaboration with Hammer stone Studios. It’s a critical minute for the franchise and I can’t wait to work together with them to use Death Stranding on the huge screen, stated Video Kolyma, who
Always has at least passionate about movie theater as for computer game.
We are delighted and honored to have the opportunity to associate ourselves with the emblematic and dazzling Video Kolyma for his very first cinematographic adjustment. Unlike other huge budget video game adaptations, it will be something far more intimate and
Anchored in truth. When we have creative and innovative flexibility, our objective is to redefine what can be an adaptation of video games. This movie will be a genuine Video Kolyma production, states Alex Ebonics.
As a bonus, it is tough to resist Akin Osaka, among the most emblematic voices in the Japanese calling comics, when he offers us a visit to the brand-new facilities of Kolyma Productions on the event of the studio’s 7th anniversary.
It must be remembered, Akin Osaka is significantly the Japanese voice of Solid Snake.

Anchored in truth. Our goal is to redefine what can be an adjustment of video games when we have creative and creative freedom. This movie will be an authentic Video Kolyma production, says Alex Ebonics.

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