Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to climb the faster level? 4 tips for winning XP easily

If you want to complete 100% of Pokédex in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet or even increase the level of some of your Pokémon to 100, you will need many experience points. The famous Exp. Charity whose effect is to share the experience with all members of EQUAL by winning a battle-not will not be enough, so here are some tips you can follow to win XP easily.

Lucky Egg

When you reach the sixth gym on the way to Victory Road Professor Jack will offer you a very useful item called Lucky Egg. Give him to one of his team Pokémon to gain more experience during a fight, whether he is against coach or a wild Pokémon.


sandwiches, picnics and restaurants

When you picnic to play or clean your Pokémon, they automatically gain experience and especially Happiness. If the sandwich mechanics may seem quite complex at first glance, remember that it allows you to grant significant bonuses during your adventure. Called Meal Powers, these bonuses are inherent in each type of sandwich or dish consumed in a restaurant.


Your goal will therefore be to reach the dishes with the power Exp. Point Power. However, you will see that this aura is associated with a very specific type of Pokémon as Flying Experience, for example. Before you consume a sandwich/meal, make sure you know what type is dedicated to and what type of Pokémon you will face.

In the tutorial presented above, the Ham Sandwich is used as it allows you to obtain a normal meeting aura that will increase the emergence of normal type Pokémon and therefore Chaney (the best Pokemon to knock out to win XP).

Some examples of dishes that give experience power can be found below. We put in bold those who give the aura of normal experience.

  • Avocado Sandwich (Dragon)-Avocado, Smoked Fillet, Salt
  • Ultra Cheese Sandwich (Dragon)-Basil, Avocado, Cheese, Cream Cheese, Pepper, Salt
  • Great Five-Alarm Sandwich (Dragon)-Basil, Chorizo, Onion, Green Bell, Pepper, Mustard, Chili Sauce, Pepper
  • Great Avocado Sandwich (Dark)-Tomato, Avocado, Smoked Fillet, Salt
  • Smoky Sandwich (Dark)-Smoked Fillet, Watercress, Vinegar, Salt, Pepper
  • Ultra Smoky Sandwich (Dark)-Basil, Red Onion, Smoked Fillet, Watercress, Vinegar, Salt, Pepper
  • Ultra Avocado sandwich (grass)-Lettuce, tomato, avocado, smoked fillet, salt
  • Egg Sandwich (Steel)-EGG, Cucumber, Salt, Mayonnaise
  • Great Egg Sandwich (Steel)-Red Onion, Egg, Cucumber, Salt, Mayonnaise
  • Ultra Egg Sandwich (Steel)-Cheese, Red Onion, Egg, Cucumber, Salt, Mayonnaise
  • Cheese Sandwich (Steel)-Cheese, Cream Cheese, Pepper, Salt
  • Great Cheese Sandwich (bug)-Avocado, Cheese, Cream Cheese, Pepper, Salt
  • Great Smoky Sandwich (Ghost)-Red Onion, Smoked Fillet, Watercress, Vinegar, Salt, Pepper
  • Five-Alarm sandwich (normal)-Chorizo, Onion, Green Bell Pepper, Mustard, Chili Sauce, Pepper
  • Great Peanut Butter Sandwich (Normal)-Banana, Peanut Butter, Butter jam
  • Master Egg Sandwich (Normal)-EGG, Cucumber, Red Onion, Cheese, Salt, Mayonnaise, Salty Herbs Mystic

search Chaney

As in Pokémon: Legends Areas, one of the techniques for gaining experience is to defeat or capture Chaney. Normal type, they are very weak against attacking attacks.

You can find many of them to the left of Team Star’s Fairy Lair (northwest) and even more so if you use the famous sandwich that increases the normal type Pokémon rate. If you have low level Pokémon to evolve, now it’s time to put them on your team!

Exp Candy

An even easier way to get experience is simply to use rare candy or explain. You can get it in many ways:

  • Find them on the floor during their exploration;
  • Win them as you pass the tests of each story of the Pale Academy;
  • Receive them as a reward for completing Pokédex;
  • Receive them as a reward for Races Teracrystal-best way to obtain them.

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