[Ranking Analysis] For 3 consecutive weeks of competition! Lost Arc, 5th place in Witcher Collaboration

■ t Ranking-Fierce 5th Competition, this week to Lost Arc

◎ Lost Arc, ‘The Witcher’ collaboration official update
-Lost Arc, which has been competing for the fifth place for three consecutive weeks, has been competing for fifth place. I settled in fifth place with a slight difference. The collaboration of Lost Arc will be held until January 18, and you can enjoy the contents provided through the ‘White Wolf Set’, an event-only island. In addition, new avatars, created with the concept of Gerald and Siri, are also being sold.

◎ ‘Twin’ new class notice, black desert ranking rise
-The Black Desert, which recently unveiled the teaser of the new class, also ranked 17th. The new classes that will appear as the first twin class of the Black Desert are ‘Mage’ and ‘USA’, and the two classes will be updated to black desert mobile (Male) and PC Black Desert (USA). More information about new classes will be unveiled at the Cal peon Banquet, which will be held on December 10th.

◎ ‘Super People’, which shows a decline in the same person, prepares for a large-scale update in December
-Wonder People’s new Battle Royale ‘Super People’ has fallen six steps from last week. The aftermath of the simultaneous user, which has been decreasing since its launch, seems to have affected to some extent. Super People recorded about 47,000 concurrent users on the Steam Chart shortly after the launch of the Steam, but the most recipient of the game has decreased to 19,000.

Super People will launch a large update in December. In order to enhance rapid growth and speedy battles, we have prepared a massive reorganization plan, and the class level and firearm rating are also scheduled. We will be able to watch December whether we can take the steps of the users who have been out of large-scale updates.


■ Domestic PC room ranking-November 4th PC room weekly report

◎ Last week, the total number of PC rooms nationwide was 1,676 million hours, 0.3% less than last week
According to the logo of the -PC room game statistics service, the total number of PC rooms nationwide last week was 1,676 million hours, down 0.4% from last week. It is 4.9% compared to the previous month and 1.0% year-on-year. The average weekly operating rate of PC rooms was 14.5%, an average of 12.4%on weekdays and an average of 19.7%on weekends.

◎ FIFA Online 4, ‘Qatar World Cup’
-In the nation’s PC rooms, it was a week with a strong strength of FIFA Online 4, driven by the Qatar World Cup. Last week, the usage time rose 27.6% again in a significant increase in use, resulting in a weekly share of 16.96%. Due to this rise, the League of Legends, the No. 1 in the floating, had a 4.4% decline compared to the previous week, and the weekly market share also fell below 40% to 37.99%.

■ Steam game trend of this week

◎ Trendy Steam Game: ‘Battlefield V’
-In this week’s Steam Trend Indicators, EA games were noticeable for the Steam Fall Discount Season. In particular, the influx of users of ‘Battlefield V’ is the most active, and the number of new users has increased according to the 90% discount news. Prior to the fall discount, Battlefield V was close to 5,000 people, but it recorded nearly 40,000 people after the discount.

In addition, this Steam Fall event allows you to buy EA’s past games at a significant discount. Similarly, ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’, which has been named in the trend indicator, can be purchased for 6,600 won. EA will be discounted until 10 am on the 29th.

◎ Ajax Legend, Black Friday Special Sales
-EA Fax Legend, the Battle Royale game of EA, which is being loved worldwide, will hold a special event for Black Friday until December 3rd. The APEX Coin, which is a product in the game, sells octane and flat-line weapons skins that can be purchased for a limited time, and an APEX pack that can be purchased by one purchase is also available. Since the launch of Carson 2.0, the ranking has been relatively reduced, but it is cruising by maintaining nearly 340,000 people.

◎ 70,000 people in the pre-play beta, ‘Dark Tide’ 30th
-Meanwhile, ‘Warhammer 40K: Dark Tide’, which has not yet been released, recorded 70,000 people in the pre-play beta stage provided to reservation buyers al1. As long as it can be reborn as a four-person coop shooter that has been a blast for a long time, the indicators are expected next week.

■ Domestic mobile game ranking

◎ ‘Neural Cloud’, which was released on the 23rd, entered the 8th place in Google sales
-The new work of the Girl Front Development Team, which was officially released on the 23rd, was named in the Google Play sales rankings in less than a week. As of the 28th (28th), the game’s sales rankings were 8th, which is two steps higher than yesterday. As a result, one subculture game has been added to the top 10 of Google Play, and it shows the so-called ‘Lineage Likes’ game and the leaderboards.

◎ FIFA Online 4 m, App Store’s second place recapture
-‘Qatar World Cup’ special return to FIFA Online 4, regardless of online and mobile. ‘FIFA Online 4 M’, which had been decreasing in the App Store over last weekend, succeeded in recapturing second place. In Korea, the size is small compared to the Google Play Store, but it is struggling between the Tang tang Commando and the victory: Nike. As there are still various World Cup-related events, we are also looking forward to the ranking.

◎ Tower of Fantasy, One Store’s 5th place
-Meanwhile, Perfect World’s mobile game ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which had been difficult to check for a while on the indicator, appeared in the one-store leader for a long time. It appears to be the aftermath of the update on the 22nd, and the new character ‘Lin’, which was added, contributed to some extent to the ranking rebound. This update also reveals a new combat content that covers the best one.

■ tory Popular Game Voting

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