Victory Goddess: Nikkes high -tech toy events guide

With the launch of Laplace, players also get a new event to grow, called High-Tech Toy. As expected, it comes with its own single event currency, and there are tons of gifts to collect here, whenever you know what you are doing. Here is a complete guide for High-Tech Toy events to help you at Goddess of Victory: Nike.


How to start a high-tech toy at Goddess of Victory: Nike

As always, make sure your application is updated and then start the game. Click the event button in the upper left corner of the Lobby screen, then select High-Tech Toy.

From here, you can click on the IR button to see all the stages of the event, but keep in mind that hero toys needs to try a stage. Like the signal towers at the callless identifier event, you will get five hero toys in each daily restart. Keep in mind that the hero toys do not accumulate, so be sure to spend them all before the daily restart or waste.

You can also buy Hero Toys in the event store, but doing so will cost you gems, and we do not recommend doing it.

Get Hero Dice and Nike Bonus

Completing each stage of the event will also give you the opportunity to get Hero says, which is what you need to complete a new mini-game that offers all the rewards you are looking for. To increase your chances of getting hero, you can use the following characters:

  • Laplace: +60%
  • Maxwell: +40%
  • Draco: +40%
  • Volume: +30%
  • Emma: +30%
  • Diesel: +30%
  • Fast: +20%
  • Anise: +20%
  • Neon: +20%

Laplace is currently available through the banner of rating increase, but even if you don’t have any of the SSR characters, the three SR units will give you a 60% chance of getting Hero says, which is quite decent. Diesel was also delivered free of charge to all previously registered players, so even F2P players should be able to farmers Hero says with an efficiency of 90%.

Mini-game Hero Road Guide

Once you have gathered enough hero, enter the mini-game Hero Road to start spending them. You will need 40 dice for each run, and the objective here is to accumulate Hero Power as Laplace advances on the board. Each mosaic on the board will give you several rewards and effects, as well as Hero Power. You will also get 50 Hero Power every time you complete a return.

Once Laplace’s hero’s power reaches 100, you will get a special reward. There are a total of 10 rewards, which are listed below:

  • X1 recruitment ok
  • X1 recruitment ok
  • X1 recruitment ok
  • X1 recruitment ok
  • X2 recruitment coupon
  • X2 recruitment coupon
  • X2 recruitment coupon
  • Advanced recruitment coupon x2
  • Advanced recruitment coupon x2
  • Advanced recruitment coupon x3

After going through the 10 levels, you will begin to get Core Dust every time you reach 100 Hero Power. So, basically, whenever you cultivate the stages of the event every day and claim your additional hero dice in the Missions tab, you should have enough to at least go through the 10 levels.

That is done by our High-Tech Toy event guide for Goddess of Victory: Nike. Be sure to look for DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game, including our full list of levels.

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