God of War Ragnarok: Composer was excluded from game credits and the reason is bizarre

While God of War Ragnarök is a success and can even win the game title of the year, a story about a composer who is part of Santa Monica seems to be hurting the image of the game. Understand the story below:

This is the case of Jessica Mao who took the opportunity to share information about her work. The 24-year-old composer was part of Santa Monica’s internal music production team, the extremely popular studio that generated God of War Ragnarök.


In her tweet she shares the scenes where we can hear her work, as happened in particular in the striking scenes of the hunt with Freya or the imposing fight against Thor. Responsible for the musical arrangement of these scenes, her work, therefore, contributed a lot to the work, and even a tweet below, she explains that she was never mentioned in the credits of the game.

a forgotten artist in the credits

Unfortunately, my name is not in the credits and apparently cannot be added by a hotfix. I was told that to receive the credit, my contribution to the game must meet certain minimum criteria, hence my tweet on Monday. I still don’t know what these criteria would be…

A controversial response from God of War Ragnarök studio

As the compost explains, she reported the problem to the studio, who replied that it was not possible to add her name later, and that obviously, she had not met the criteria to be mentioned.

Working in important scenes of a bestseller apparently would not be enough to have a line between the hundreds of names already present in the credits, a very shameful situation.

The artist is receiving hundreds of messages from players and members of the Santa Monica studio. Nevertheless, it seems that the composer will not have her name in the credits.

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