How to overcome Elite Four Rika in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


After defeating all the gyms in the Pal dean region, it is finally time to go to the Pokémon League, where he will face Elite Four and the champion. Throughout his trip, he has already met all the members of Elite Four in several gyms, including Riga, the Ground Type specialist. She will be your first challenge when you face the Pokémon League. So today, let’s talk how to beat Elite Four Riga in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How to overcome Elite Four Riga in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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To facilitate things, we will review each member of the Riga team and break down how to defeat each 1. As mentioned before, she specializes in Earth Type Pokémon, of which she has five. Let’s start with your first member, Which:


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Which is a water and land type Pokemon that specializes in defense. Due to its unique combination of types, it only has a weakness, Grass. However, the use of a herb type movement will inflict 4 times the amount of normal damage, since the grass is overflowing both against water and against Earth. Otherwise, this Pokémon can be quite bulky, so be sure to use your heavy hitters to deal with him quickly.

Don fan

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Depending on the Pokémon you use against Which, Riga will send his next best option, or at least in this example, Orphan. Riga Orphan is level 57 and is a pure earth type Pokemon, which means that it is weak for ice, water and grass movements. Unlike Which, Orphan leans more on the side of the heavy batter and has access to the powerful Earthquake movement. A few clean blows with one of the super effective types mentioned above should do the job quickly.


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The next is Cam erupt, a fire and earth type Pokemon. Since it is part of fire, it can now face to face with Pokemon grass and ice, which would normally be strong against the earth type. However, it now has 4x weakness against water. Virtually any attack that uses water will shoot this Pokémon easily, but be careful with its characteristic movement, overheating, which can cause massive fire damage.

Dug trio

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Dug trio will undoubtedly be the easiest to defeat among all Riga’s Pokémon. It is a type of pure land and does not specialize in a particular statistic. Any movement of water, ice or grass should eliminate it without problems. However, players must still be careful with their access to Earthquake as Orphan, for example. Defeat Riga’s fourth Pokémon will finally make her rare to her star Pokémon, Clod sire.

Clod sire

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Riga’s Pokémon is a level 58 Pal dean Quagmire, known as Clod sire in this region. Normally, it would be a type of poison and earth, but after Riga grasses it, it becomes a type of pure land. Like a normal quagmire, Clod sire specializes in strong defense and, thanks to the fact that it is parasitized, its soil type movements will hit much stronger than usual. However, since it is no longer a type of poison, Clod sire has weak movements of ice, earth and grass type, such as Dug trio and Orphan, for example. He breaks his bulky defenses with some strong blows to ensure victory. Defeating Clod sire will finally make you win the battle, and you will have defeated the first member of the Elite Four!

That is all you need to know how to overcome Elite Four Riga in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Be sure to consult other guides, such as how to overcome the carrier gym, or how to find and catch Only, and what is the best nature of Azurmarill.

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