Neowiz Visual Nobel RPG Brown Dust Story, Global Pre-Booking

-In advance through the Google Play Store and App Store

-Payment of Did and Roxana Box when participating in advance reservations

-4Q global official launch

Neo wiz said today (20th), which is being developed by Brownest Story, will make a global pre-booking.

Brown Dust Story is a visual Nobel RPG that uses the IP of its game Brown Dust to complete a story through adventure.

In addition to the core fun and art of Brown Dust, it supplements the lack of storyline to provide an immersion that seems to read a novel. In particular, it is characterized by the fact that the story is encountered with various characters, and sometimes meets colleagues or enemies.

In addition to the ‘Story’ and ‘Story Abduction’ mode, where you can see the stories of each mercenary, , it offers a variety of contents such as combat play by difficulty and duel, which is a PVP mode.

The global pre-booking reservation is available to anyone through the Google Play Store and App Store ** until the official launch, and will be officially released in the fourth quarter. All users who participate in the pre-booking will receive 3,000 diamonds and 5 Roman or boxes for mercenaries.

For more information about Brown Dust Story, please visit official site .

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