Pharmacist Life Sim RPG Potion Permit Domestic version for console has been postponed -September 22 to 2022

Domestic Phoenix announced that it has postponed the release of the Japanese pharmacist life simulation RPG Potion Permit PS5/PS4/Nintendo switches ** postponed from September 222 to 2022 in 2022. Did.

This work is a colorful simulation RPG where you can enjoy free slow life. As a pharmacist dispatched to the village Moon berry, which has adhered to traditional treatments, the player uses the latest alchemy to examine the villagers who have become ill and poor. I will treat it.

In addition to the nurse of the villagers, we will freely explore the world to collect the materials of the therapeutic drugs, but sometimes we will fight in real time with monsters that wander around, upgrade weapons such as hammer and ax. It seems that you can mix your medicine to create your own enhancements and create various compounded drugs that rebuff your enemies. And improving the relationship with the residents will enable the improvement of town buildings and further exploring the surrounding areas. Moon berry has many attractive places, so you can take a break at a bar or fish to procure dinner.

The pharmacist lime shim POTION PERMIT PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch’s domestic version will be postponed in 2022, and the specific release date will be announced as soon as it is decided. In addition, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store)/Overseas PS5/PS4/Overseas Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Overseas Nintendo Switch is now available from September 22.

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