Hoyo Bus, Rosy Festival, the first anniversary event of the Unresolved Case service,

Hoyoverse announced on the 4th that the mystery love simulation mobile game, Unresolved Division, will hold a commemorative event to celebrate the first anniversary of the official launch on July 29.

After the July 5th update, which is the background of the Unresolved Incident Division, the event will be held until July 30, and the ‘Mirim Festival’ limited event will be held until July 30.

First of all, if you clear the ‘Festival Mission’ during this period, you can earn various rewards such as the event limited time, ‘Together’, ‘Tears and Limited Edition of the Goddess’, ‘Mirim Chip’ and ‘Festival Likes Sticker’.

In addition, by solving ‘general dispute arbitration’ and ‘complex dispute arbitration’ in ‘Citizens’ Arbitration’, ‘Festival Likes Sticker’ and ‘Mirim Chip’ can be obtained, and all complex conflict clears’ Mirim Light Badge ‘ You can get it.

In addition, you can enjoy four mini games consisting of ‘Telepathic Test’, ‘Flower Pangpang’, ‘Lucky Choice’, and ‘Follow You’ with your partners.

In addition, if you clear the mission of the event story ‘Gladiolus Mystery’, you will receive a thought of ‘Mirim Chip’, ‘Festive Likes Sticker’ and four male heroes.

In addition, ‘Mirim thought’ is opened from July 5th to August 9th, so that you can get various rewards by leveling up the thoughts by clearing the mission or clearing the mission.

In addition, the shadow of the ‘Happiness coming day and night’ will be opened until July 11th, and the ‘Trace of Tears’ is ‘Trace of Tears’ until July 13, ‘Tears of Tears’ It is possible to exchange back. ‘The Tears and Limited Edition of the Goddess’ can be used in the shadow of the anniversary limited event goddess, which will be opened from the 11th.

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