Pink Bean Cartro Hennesses Run, Cart X Maple Collaboration.

On the 2nd, Nexon held the 2022 summer cartrider showcase, Start Line.

In this showcase, Kartrider was held at the same time on online and offline, and was held at Pangyo Nexon Korea. In the showcase, director Cho Jae-yoon appeared in the first public information, and also announced the improvement of convenience for existing users.

The first public information in the showcase is largely divided into Maple Story Collaboration and New Mode.

First of all, ‘MapleStory Collaboration’ can meet new tracks and new characters based on the popular area of Maple Story, and new cart bodies.

The new track, added as a collaboration, has a lot of mushroom-shaped buildings and a fresh background of the archer village ‘Hennesses’ track and lyrical background music with the ‘lease’ track that can enjoy racing while looking at the scenery of the cool port. There are three types: Levin Track, a dream city that can confirm the dreamy and mysterious atmosphere. In addition, new characters related to Maple Story include the representative character Pink Bean of Maple Story, major character Orca, Lucid, and Toben Head Champion of Yeti and Maple Story.

In addition, you will also be able to meet the speed-based cartbody ‘Victoria Middle Taxi V1’, ‘Dangerous Local Bullet Taxi V1’, and the items of the items of the items. In addition, you can also find various items such as balloons, goggles, pets, and flying pets, which are based on the elements of the Maple Story worldview.

The background story of this collaboration begins with the invitation of ‘Pink Bean’ and ‘Yeti’, who accidentally visited the cartrider world, to ‘Maple Story’ world. As a result, ‘Dao’ and ‘Pink Bean’ will be the teacher of the Toben head warrior. ‘Maple Story’ theme content will be updated on July 21st and August 4th.

Next, the new mode ‘1-to-1 chase’. One-to-one chase is a new mode based on one-to-one match mode, which is popular with riders, and will provide new fun by expanding the pursuit and escape from single play content to multiplayer. The game is played in the second round, and the riders in each round alternate the role of the chaser and the escape. Before the race starts, both riders can select their favorite tracks and take on the role of the chaser on the selected track.

The win or loss of each round is determined by the chase and the success of the escape, and in the one-on-one tie, the win or loss is hidden through the third round. In the ‘1-to-1 Chase’ mode, scores and rating will be determined according to the win or loss, and the dedicated ranking will be supported.

In addition, additional information of ‘Cartrider e-Sports’ was also released. From the upcoming ‘2022 Shinhan Bank Hey Young Cartrider League Season 2’, you will be able to check whether you are charging and use on the Observer screen and will help viewers more fun. In addition, the BLADES winning team package, which won the 2022 Shinhan Bank Hey Young Cartrider League Season 1, will be added from the 7th. The package consists of ‘BLADES Cart Body’, ‘BLADES Character’, ‘BLADES Team Logo Balloon’, ‘Cart League Emblem Balloon’, and ‘Cart League Emblem Electromagnetic Band’. Give it.


Lastly, convenience updates for existing users were also announced. First, the preset function is added to store the item information worn by the rider and to load the wear item according to the mode or purpose. If you save the item you selected in ‘My Item’ in the preset slot, you can change the item wearing information at once without going through the ‘My item’ window in the multiplayer waiting room. The preset is provided with three defaults and can set the slot name and icon to change the wear information easily and quickly.

The Club Mark Border features that can be applied depending on the club level. Various types of borders are updated according to the club level, and the combination of various borders can be used according to the level with the existing club mark. In addition, convenience is also improved, such as boarding a card body that is not suitable for each mode or entering the waiting room without wearing electromagnetic bands and balloons when participating before item.

It also launches a prototybike with a changed driving and an improved dual booster based on a new Ixid type. This is a bike released for testing in line with the name ‘Prototy’, and will be made with the user through performance verification through feedback in the future.

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