Logitech launched SIGNATURE K855 for office wireless mechanical keyboard

Logitech (director Jo Jung-hoon), a personal peripheral device, has officially released the SIGNATURE K855 (Signature K855), an office wireless keyboard for mechanical keyboard users and IT and Tech enthusiasts.

The signature K855, which was launched under the slogan ‘Mechanical Mechanical Wireless’, is a wireless mechanical keyboard optimized for modern people who want to use mechanical keyboards for office purposes and do their work more efficiently and freely. It is equipped with a TTC red axis of mechanical switches to create a soft and cheerful key feeling and fast response speed, especially through each height, up to 50 million key stroke tests, to certainly verify the key durability to meet the needs of mechanical keyboard users.

The compatibility and wireless connectivity that target users need is also excellent. In addition to PC environments such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS, it is compatible with mobile environment such as Android, iOS, and iPados, so it has a wide range of applications. It can also be used to switch to multi-OS and multi-device environment.


Logi Options+ Software can be used to customize key customization according to your own environment, such as applying frequently used functions to the top function of the product (FN). In the case of wireless connections, it supports both Bluetooth LE connection and Logi BOLT USB receiver, providing a stable connection environment even at a position up to 10 meters away.

It also features a product design that allows you to work efficiently anywhere in the given space. The compact Tenkiris layout is applied, and the vertical stand format can be mounted vertically to save space and increase portability. You can also use 4 ° or 8 ° supporting pedestals to suit your environment. It has two color configurations of graphite and off white to expand consumers’ choices, and long battery life that can be used for up to 36 months is also noteworthy.

Logitech’s values for environmental issues were also reflected. The case of the top aluminum material is made using renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions, and the product package used paper made of wood certified by the US FSC (Forest Management Council).

We are very happy to be able to showcase not only the excellent performance but also the space utilization of the space as well as the signature K855 wireless mechanical keyboard to Korean consumers.. He expressed his feelings.

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