The film about the chip and Dale was released on Disney+. On YouTube have already flooded scenes with ugly Sonic

Disney is very fond of Camo, but in the case of the film “Chip and Dale, they are in a hurry to help”, decided to make up to take up the other people’s shades of crypotes and a cring. Yes, it’s about the first version of Sonic from Paramount.

The very one that inflicted a powerful blow to the psyche of fans led to urgent work on mistakes and resulted in transferring the premiere of the tape. In Disney, the ugly Sonic has become even worse, but he earns life in communication with fans and distribution of autographs. He is also preparing for filming in a reality show about the FBI investigation.

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers | Teaser Trailer | Disney+

Actors and special effects on the video from the filming “Chip and Dale are in a hurry to help”

As soon as the painting “Chip and Dale is in a hurry” became available for viewing on the Disney+Streaming Service, how scenes with the participation of a blue nightmare got on YouTube.

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