Cool! Niantic is now officially sponsing the largest Pokemon-Go

A surprising news is making the round that probably no fan of Pokémon Go calculated: Niantic Sponsort now officially Thesilphroad and Silph.GG! In other words, the makers of Pokémon Go are now supporting the largest Pokémon GO community, which has mainly committed themselves to the theorycrafting to ventilate the largest Pokémon Go secrets and to debut the most crudest theories.

What does Niantic do as a sponsor of thesilphroad?

As the people of Niantic emphasize on Nianticclab’s official blog, a sponsorship is that the supported project can remain free of advertisements. The goals of Niantic and Thesilphroad look more precisely as follows:

  • “We make sure that Silph Road remains advertising: Although The Silph Road is sponsored by Niantic, you don’t have to worry about advertising from third -party providers on their websites, including Silph.GG and
  • Development of new ways to combine players with Niantic and one another: We create new opportunities for players to meet, play and talk to each other to combine local communities and create opportunities for Niantic, to support them.
  • A new community ambassador program: We will work with Silph Road to start a brand new program that offers benefits and rewards for active communities and their leaders who carry out personal events. Keep your eyes open for further news about this program and how you can take part! “

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does thesilphroad remain independent in reporting?

There are a few questions that are probably still open to one or the other Pokémon Go fan. For example, there would be a consideration of whether thesilphroad remains independent and critical of theorycrafting. The question would be whether the people of thesilphroad get insights into the mechanics and systems, and thus can ventilate all Pokémon-Go programmer secrets. Or the question of whether the Pokémon GO managers at Niantic really really remember that community care is absolutely important to them. In the best case, thesilphroad can continue to work as before – and Niantic is finally becoming aware that they need the players. We are excited to see how this liaison develops.

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