Tak Tak Joy City Newcomers YouTube Subscribers 100,000 in 1 year

Joy City, famous for its freestyle in Korea and overseas battles abroad, has recently achieved remarkable results on YouTube. The official YouTube channel subscribers, which were only 50,000 in March last year, were increased to 117,000 in one year. Based on this, Joy City received a YouTube silver button that symbolizes ‘achieving 100,000 subscribers’. It is not easy to secure more than 100,000 subscribers by the official trailer or one -time meeting for a small mid -sized game company.

Joy City operated the YouTube channel in earnest since March last year. Along with the main game videos such as Freestyle, Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, gamers’ interests are also available. Representatively, ‘Tak -Kak’, which has released a story about the game and the company about the game and the company, ‘Latte’, which is based on the user’s opinion, and ‘Latte’ to unravel the military -related stories and the so -called Milduk Gamers There are ‘I want to know that’. If you look at the composition, it looks like a web entertainment channel based on Joy City Game.

In particular, it is also eye -catching that the party who has the result of ‘100,000 subscribers in one year’ is a new employee. Joy City YouTube channel is in charge of strategic marketing room Kim Sun -ah and Ha Min -ji manager, each joined in July 2020 and March 2021. What is the secret of two people in the Silver button in a year?

It is not an archive that collects Joy City YouTube channel without context, but began to operate as a channel with its own video. Before that, there were no systematic management because they had uploaded various videos from various departments without unity. As a result, I had to prepare various things in line with the YouTube channel operation. Shooting equipment for video production, PCs with specifications required for editing are basic. In addition to the video contents, guides for thumbnails, titles, tags, and descriptions (video descriptions) are also needed. Ha Min -ji, manager, said, “It was not easy, but the guides who followed the guide were able to proceed smoothly.”

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels Ever 2005 - 2021
As mentioned earlier, Joy City YouTube channel also has its own entertainment style video. First of all, the eye -catching part is its own production program related to the Military Duck Hu. Ha Min -ji, manager, said, “There is a saying that you have to erase the company in order to get a good business YouTube, but I completely sympathize with it.” I thought was that gamers captured both the unique fun and gameplay as a common theme. ”

This is why he chose Huh Jun, famous for his military virtue, as the host. Director Ha Min -ji said, “We were selected and selected from the employees who are ‘Mildo’ in the company, and selected the popular influencers among the Mildeok, and the user response to the cast was really positive, so the selection of influencers has a great influence on the content. I felt it. ”

Subsequently, two managers who are in charge of YouTube marketing play the role of ‘new employee’ and appear in the video. The representative example is ‘Tak -Tak’, which was held during the first half of last year’s bonds. Ha Min -ji, manager, said, “To be honest, there are no people who want to appear in the company except for the two, and as we are the youngest in the company, the youngest employees will look cute. It was. ”

Kim Sun -ah, manager, also said, “I thought the viewers’ eyes on new employees and newbies who did not have much experience would be relatively soft, and the mistake would be a bit generously understandable.” I felt that I was tired or warmly talked about rather than criticizing the day, and I was so grateful that I was younger than I thought. “

A new P2E that can be unfamiliar, achieved 100,000 in 2 weeks

If so, is there a good performance in real games based on the YouTube channel operation? The two managers cited Joy City’s first P2E game, Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict. Based on the video that was released on the global world before the launch, the company achieved 100,000 concurrent users within two weeks of launch. The company introduced the P2E game and Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, which can be somewhat unfamiliar with local recognized influencers, and excluded cultural sensitive contents through the US corporation inspection.

The other is the part of the game company called Joy City. Kim Sun -ah said, “I wanted to say that Joy City is a vibrant company that boldly attempts to various things in time. So, in a rigid image, I replaced the banner with a cute “newest” illustration, and gave it a friendly and soft feeling with titles and fixed comments that matched YouTube sensitivity. ” Corporate recognition is difficult to get quantified as a game. However, if you search for Joy City on YouTube, stock -related videos were mainly released.

What is the next goal of Joy City YouTube channel that achieved 100,000 subscribers? Ha Min -ji, manager, said, “We are thinking about the number of views. Subscribers are also meaningful, but this is because pure video content views except advertisements are an indicator of brand channel performance. ” All. ”

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