Our Financial Group, 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games E Sports National Official Official

[Data provided: Korea E-Sports Association]


CAA begins interviewing volunteers to serve at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games

\ – Korea E-Sports Association – Our Financial Group, 28th Weekly Financial Group Signing Official Report Convention Signed

** \ – Woori Financial Group, E Sports National Official Sponsor,

The Korea E-Sports Association announced that our financial group announced the official team of the E-Sports National Team, which will play on the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, today (29th).

The Korea E-Sports Association and our financial group have been convention on the Convention on the 28th of our financial group headquarters (Seoul Jung-gu). In the Convention, the Convention on the Section of the Korea Financial Group Son Tae-cheol, Korea E-Sports Association, with President Kim Young-man, President of Kim Young-man, League of Legend> and Shin Bok-seok’s director attended by attending the seat.

Our financial group is a sported group of the E-Sports State 1 sponsor, and the Title sports team that plays in Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022 to support the best skills. We also plan to sponsor the official events of the E-Sports National Team, and plan to solve the excellence of Korean e-sports into a variety of national contents.

Korea’s E-Sports Association Kim Young-man Association, “I am appreciated by the active interest and cheering of our financial group for e-sports. The Association will do our best to make the excellence of the Korea’s e-sports in Asian games with our financial group. We referred to our Korea’s E-sports and asked for a favorable interest and cheering. “

“We are pleased to be able to support our financial group,” Our financial group is able to support the first E sports national representative of the Republic of Korea. This Asian Games will be a great turnpoint to the E-sports industry, and our financial group will be able to grow into another central industry that supports our country. “

Yoo Seung-min IOC player committee “e-sports is a new sport that will lead the future sports industry. This Asian Games will be a very important stage that proves the possibilities and strength of e-sports. In this competition, I hope that the Republic of Korea will be a prove that the E-sports industry is to prove, “he said.

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