The Finnish Game Museum meets five years – the birthdays will be celebrated in Twitch on Saturday

The Finnish Game Museum in Tampere meets in January, quite respected for five years.

The Finnish Museum of Games
The birthdays of the gaming mixture are celebrated in the corona situation due to virtually in Twitch. For example, in the diving period, there is a sharply changed gambling gambling to the saches of the 80s until today. The Finnish Game Journalism Microbuilding Exhibition has worked a legendary supplier for legendary niko nirvi pelit-leaf editor Tuija Lindén . A more recent vision, in turn, has offered perture-player magazine trial Johanna Puustinen .

In addition, the birthdays will go through the recent changes made in the Finnish Game Museum and remembered exhibitions over the years and monitor the renovation of the Racing_ coefficient of reproduction in Reprocade. Shipment can be followed in Twitch, here.

The event will be held on Saturday 29.1. from 12am to 18:00. For more information about schedules, please contact the event from Facebook event in the event.

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