Gord, the future Cd Projekt and 11 bit alumni strategy game, sign at TEAM17

Announced in April 2021 for the PC, Good, the first game of the young Polish Covenant.dev, found a publisher. And it is TEAM17, which has now specialized in the identification of attractive projects, which managed to sign this fantastic medieval strategy game, soaked in the Slavic folklore.

For the record, the game will ask us to guide the tribe of dawn as it tries to establish new camps on land not frankly welcoming, in that they are full of monsters other divinities of Slavic folklore. The goal will be to face outdoor assaults, everything to keep hand on its population inside the wood walls you will erect. The members of your tribe will indeed fall sick or suffer from hunger, or even the disappearance of a parent. As many obstacles in your attempts to achieve the objectives of the quests that the game will offer you regularly.

Developed by a team of 24 people, Good is led by Stan Just, producer on The Witcher 3 . But we find at its former team of 11 bit Studios ( frost punk ) or Flying Wild Hog ( Shadow Warrior 2 and soon 3 ). A new trailer, before focusing on the atmosphere of the game, has also been posted on the occasion of the announcement of the partnership with Team17, which has not advanced a more precise release date than the Wave 2022 of the Steam sheet.

Team17 continues on its side on its launched 2022 and therefore chained after acquiring the He’ll Let Loose license, the The Label Mobile Editor and the German Aragon Developer.


Good – Partnership Trailer with Team17


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