LOL: When are all the LVPs in South Latin America?

With the beginning of the 2022 season of League of Legends, the Latin American second division circuits will begin their days. Formerly we speak of the North Hemisphere’s contests, with the Honor Division of Tell and Elements League as protagonists. Now it’s the south shift.

LAP (Mediator Group) Handles three main leagues in said hemisphere. They are those corresponding to Argentina, Chile and Peru, each with a classification at regional LATAM corresponding. As we already explained several times, said contest is the anteroom to the promotion / relegation, which offers up to two quotas in the Latin America League 2023.

Before talking about next year, you have to focus on the current season. The first competition in starting is the League of Honor Enter de Chile , freeing its first day on January 24. It has 10 teams in its competitors’ template, where Furious Gaming is located.

The format is double Round Robin to the best one, having a regular nine-week phase. The Top 6 advances to the qualifiers, which are the best of five, to define the great champion. Like all Riot Games events, you have an opening and closing split. It is played on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Lisa Master Flow from Argentina has 12 clubs fighting for glory in a double Robin double format for the better. The difference with Chile is that the Top 8 passes to eliminations, but the format is maintained: better than five without a losers or winners. His first date is January 26 and takes place from Wednesday to Friday.


Finally, the Clark Gaming Stars League of Peru brings together the best eight teams in a three-phase contest. The first is to the best one, eliminating a club; The rest goes to the second phase. From here, a Top 6 will come out for qualifiers, with the first four places occupying the winners key. The rest will start from the key of losers, freeing better of five. Start on January 27, it is played on Thursdays and Fridays.

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