Guerrilla Games would work on SOCOMs restart

We have long known that Guerrilla Games works with a second team on something completely new and different from what we have seen so far.


At the time, Guerrilla was known for having worked on the kill zone franchise, which has always set up a history campaign and an interesting multiplayer mode, but this time it seems that they come with a multiplayer title.

According to the titled initiate, which has long defended this intellectual property, the Dutch studio could be working on an Sodom restart, which would help Sony bring out the franchise after years of rest if we could call it as well.

The second team of Guerrilla Games has been working on a project for years, parallel to the one that would take place Horizon Zero Dawn the continuation of PS5. It is barred by the former director of rainbow six siege, so you will expect a very fast, competitive and strategic multiplayer experience.

Of course, it’s just a rumor that the game in question could be Sodom, but this is the first time we associate the team and the IP. Instead of launching a new intellectual property, the team may have put his hand on this old glory of the PlayStation. Do you die?

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