Idea Relief Game “IDEA” announced. Iconized ideas travel the real world

Spanish Developer The Longest Road Games announced the art game IDEA on January 20. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam) and the release time is undecided.

Idea is an art game that the Longest Road Games works. The stage is the bird’s eye view of the real world taken with 4K image quality. The player will watch the light bulb type icon that imitates ideas, rolls the actual destination and seeks to see the destination. When the light bulb is stuck in the road, the player can help and help the journey up to twice in one map. If the bulb finds the destination, the idea seems to flow as a visual art work.

Also, even if the bulb is completely stuck, it will not work. Players can write their ideas and thoughts as a message of icons and text on the fly. Such messages are read by the following players, as well as saving messages. It is also possible that you can check how much your message has been saved. The icons that can be used increase in response to cancellation of STEAM results. While looking at icons that move around thinking, it seems to be a work that is loosely connected to others.


THE LONGEST ROAD GAMES, which works on this work, has developed an adventure game The Longest Road On Earth in the past. This is a work that cuts the everyday life of the animal’s face. There is no conversation or text, and the story conveys the lights and music. Art-oriented nature is also common to IDEA. In addition, Idea has adopted to Finnish artist Ollie Hutton’s same-shaped short film. Materials taken by His are also used in the game, and the image of the short film originally used in this teaser video is used. The actual gameplay may also be the content of His’s works.

IDEA will be delivered for PC (Steam). Release timing is undecided.

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