Deadly Dozen Reloaded: Militär

Ziggurat Interactive, Publisher of Multiplatform-Retro and Modern Play, announces Deadly Dozen Reloaded, a reinterpretation of the Squad-based Stealth game, originally developed and published by N-Fusion Interactive in 2001.

The game should appear in the spring 2022 for PC, consoles and Nintendo Switch and will contain modern updates – including optical revision and improved SQUAD control.

On World War II, the US Army of General Dwight D. Eisenhower was commissioned to recruit a special unit that should be able to carry out dangerous missions in secret – at any time and in any environment. Twelve of particularly capable men were recruited, each of which had physical abilities and aversion to authorities that were suitable for such unconventional unity. They were known as the deadly dozen.

Selects your four-headed troupe from a list of twelve playable characters, each of which has unique values, weapons and equipment capabilities to achieve important goals behind the enemy lines.

Players can adapt their troop to their favorite style of play, whether they are constantly prescribing the camouflage, focusing on the action with the weapon or wanting to worry with loud, devastating explosions for a stir. The players command their unit with the Squad Wheel, which allows you to call up motion commands, fire commands, change of position, and formation changes to adapt to the challenges in the field.

In addition, direct control is never limited to one of the four squad members, as the players can exchange their playable character at any time.

Deadly Dozen’s games are unique military shooters that deserve careful planning and clever tactics as well as pure shooting skates, says Michael Devine, SVP of Business Development at Ziggurat Interactive. Since the release of the original game in 2001, tactical shooters are exploded in their popularity, and we are pleased to introduce the fans to this refreshed and improved version of one of the genres of the genre.

While the structure of Deadly Dozen Reloaded is the same as that of the original game, the level assets, textures and character models were created from scratch. Real-time lighting, high-quality particle effects and other environmental effects have been added to give the game a sense of realism.

The PC version will support a resolution of up to 4k without frame rate limit, while consoles will run with 1080p and 30fps. The audio has been improved and now includes significantly more realistic samples, real-time audio effects such as Hall and Occlusion, 3D surround sound and support for 5.1 or more speaker configurations.

The most important features of Deadly Dozen Reloaded are:

  • New interpreted for the modern era: graphics and audio are not the only things that have been updated. The enemy is now sophisticated, which makes the struggles exciting, and the revised vehicle physics ensures more fun and realism while driving to the goals.
  • 10 Gigantic missions: large, true to original maps with destinations that can be addressed in any order, depending on the discretion of the player. Each mission lasts on normal difficulty over an hour.
  • Customizable Equipment: Eleven different weapons – six American and five German – and seven different equipment, including first aid boxes, binoculars and a variety of explosives, allow the player to adapt his troop to its playing style and the respective mission.
  • No more Permanent: Players can experience a heartbreaking escape with half of their team, and fallen squad members recover for the next mission. No more loading memory files!

Deadly Dozen Reloaded will be available in spring 2022 for Xbox, PC, PlayStation and SWITCH.

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