Waiting for Minister Hawke – Djokovic

And so white Novak Djokovic, who open for the prelude to the Australia’s Open but do not know if he may even be there.

For a brief moment it looked like the decision in the case Novak Djokovic immediately before. From nothing, the makers of the Australian Open on Thursday postponed the draw for the first Grand Slam tournament of the Tennis season for 3 pm local time. Did that mean that immigration Minister Alex Hawks had made a decision? Does Djokovic still have to leave the country?

About an hour and a Press Conference of Government Scott Morrison without news in the Cause later the draw was held — with the world ranking first, which was admitted for the first round of Serbian Landsman Miami Kecmanovic. But whether there will be this game ever, is still uncertain. Alone immigration Minister Hawks has it in the hands of whether Djokovic may fight for his tithing Australian open titles from Monday, or whether the visa is relieved again, and he still has to leave Australia.

But Hawks hesitates, even on the third day after Djokovic success in court, he has not yet expressed himself by the case, which currently employs the whole tennis world, Australia and Serbia currently more than anything else.

Decision on Friday?

Prime Minister Morrison did not want to approach his minister and denied a comment on the subject. These are personal ministerial powers, of which Minister Hawks can make use, and I will not comment on this at the present time, Morrison said in Canberra. According to a report of the newspaper The Age, the decision should now fall at the earliest on Friday. The sheet called on government circuits.

On Wednesday, it became known that new information of the lawyers of the 34-year-old Djokovic had shifted the timeframe for the decision Hawks. According to the Fiasco for the Government in the first trial when Djokovic had to be handed out the visa because of a form error, the minister seems to make a decision this time that withstands the certainly expected objections of the Djokovic lawyers in the event of a renewed expulsion.


Australia does not want Djokovic

The pressure on Hawks is great. From many sides. The mood in Australia is clear against Djokovic — except the Serbian community. Many Australians have experienced many undressing in the now almost two years of pandemic. No city in the world was taken together as long in Lockdown like Melbourne. Even many Australians from abroad were not allowed to enter for a long time, missed weddings, funerals and other family incomes.

The understanding of a medical exception for an sunproof tennis-playing multi-millionaire is therefore low. Especially since there are many questions about the approval of the visa of Djokovic. The explanation of the Serbs at Instagram on Wednesday, in which he gave a few mistakes, but mostly sought at others, was not the liberation hoped for him. On the contrary. Meanwhile, the Spanish authorities should have thrown an eye on Djokovic stay in Marbella shortly before the departure to Australia.

High numbers in Victoria

Brian is the case Djokovic also against the background that the state of Victoria, in which the Australian Open takes place, has imprinted high infection figures. On Thursday, more than 37,000 new cases were registered within 24 hours. There were 25 deaths related to COVID-19, and 953 people were recorded in hospitals. Due to the rising Corona numbers, the regional government in Melbourne has announced to limit the audience at the first Grand Slam tournament of the year to 50 percent of capacity.

Maybe Hawks plays but just on time. The closer to the beginning of the Australian Open on this Monday, the less time the lawyers of Djokovic would have appealed against a renewed expulsion in court. The daily newspaper The Age wrote on Thursday, the Djokovic side hope in the event of a negative decision by Hawks on Friday, the court could then work on the weekend with the case. But that’s certainly not.

And there is no clarity as long as Djokovic continues to prepare normally on the tournament start. For Friday, the makers announced around Tournament Boss Craig Tiles, who absolutely wants Djokovic to have a workout of the world ranking first for 14.45 clock. Whether this takes place? This can only answer Minister Hawks.


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