Twitch will now publish a new emotional pogchamp every 24 hours

Twitch Bans PogChamp Emote
Twitch made the decision to remove the emblematic emote from the platform after a series of controversial statements from the star of the emotional, Ryan PROTECTS Gutierrez, surrounding Capitol Hill ticket Wednesday afternoon. Although they removed the resemblance of the personality of the fighting game of the site, they declared their intention to maintain the term dog alive because it has become a central element of the culture of the site.

Since then, many have flooded Twitter, Reddit, Twitch and basically any other place where we will listen, with ideas for the new Dog face. Well, Twitch made a decision on who will — at least a temporary decision.

Twitch retweeted Host Esports, Sean Plot’s suggestion to create a database of all the individual versions of the Champ Emirate.

In their Retweet, Twitch announced that they would take the suggestion to heart and propose a brand new emotional champ every 24 hours.

Twitch will only roll with for now, so we do not know exactly how long they will keep this system in place, but at least in the foreseeable future — there will be a new champ every day with a variety of creators of the platform.

We will not know with certainty which creators will be presented in this strange turn of events, because many creators, young and old, have created their own champ emotions for their own subscribers. Let’s hope we will see a variety of creators featured in this new system because it could offer a serious boost to the smaller streamers on the site.

2021 may start difficult, but at least twitch embraces madness.

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