Pokemon Go: Field Research Tasks in January 2022 and Rewards Diego Perez

January 2022 is finally here, and there are a number of new field research tasks and rewards that Pokémon Go players can take over this month. This month, players can expect brand-new tasks that reward all kinds of mega-energy and Pokemon encounters. Starter Pokemon from Gen 1-3 are to be gained as rewards for certain challenges, and a lot of gene 1 Mega Energy can be obtained as a reward for truly simple tasks. Here are all field research tasks from January 2022 for Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go January 2022 Research breakthrough

The reward for the research breakthrough of this month is Unix. Unix does not seem to be the most exciting reward, but this Pokemon has a chance to be shiny, which makes this a great opportunity to add a shiny Unix to her collection, if she has not done it yet. This month, there is also a Limited Research Quest series around Steel ix, which only rewards 200 Mega-Steelix energy for catching some Pokemon.

Pokémon Go January 2022 Field Research Tasks

Capture of field research tasks

Fear 5 Pokemon — Horn
Fear 7 Pokemon — Creator
Fear 5 different types of Pokemon — Barry (plant, sand or trash)
Fear 5 Pokemon with Weather Boost — Poling, Pulpit, Hippopotamus or Snorer
Start a Pokemon of Type Dragon — Dating or Wagon

Fear 10 Pokemon of Type Grass — 10 Venusauren Megahenry
Fear 10 Pokemon of the type of fire — 10 Plural mega energy
Start 10 Pokemon of Type Normal — 10 MIDGET megahenry
Fear 10 Pokemon of Type Water — 10 Blasting Mega Energy

Field research tasks throw

Make 5 beautiful throws — Dungaree
Make 3 great litters — Snub bull, Lineup or North
Make 3 great litters in a row — Onix
Make 3 excellent litters in a row — Libel
Make 5 Curveball Homes in Episode — Pine co
Make 5 great curveball litters in a row Spindle (Form 4)

Field research tasks for gifts and friends

Earn 2 candies walking with your buddy — Tunnel
Earn 3 sweets when you walk with your buddy — Sunfish
Earn 5 hearts with your buddy — Evil
Open 5 Gifts — Lakota
Swap a Pokemon — Bidaily

Hatch field research tasks

An egg hatch — Next
2 eggs hatch — Belgium
3 hatching eggs — Chaney

booting and developing field research tasks

Develop a Pokemon — Evil
Improve Pokemon 5 times — Chiquita, Cyndaquil or Crocodile
3 times Pokemon Charge — Bissau, Luanda or Squirrel
Improve Pokemon 5 times — 10 Plural Mega Energy, 10 Blasting Mega Energy, 10 Pigeon Mega Energy
Improve Pokémon 7 times — Reecho, Tor chic or Mud kip

Poke stop field research tasks

Drive 3 Poke stops or Gyms — Sudowoodo
Drive 5 Poke stops or Gyms Rats

RAID and battlefield research tasks

Win 2 RAIDS — Relax
Win 5 RAIDS — pterodactyls
Win a raid of stage 3 or higher — emanate or Auto
fight twice in the go Battle League — Sunfish
Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader — Laps
Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts — Onix
Use 10 Superffective Charging Clothes — 20 AbomasNow Megahenry

Other field research tasks

Make a snapshot of a wild Pokemon — Murrow, Hop pip, Yanmar or Mil tank
Swap a Pokemon — Bidaily
2 km running — Sch elder


Pokemon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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