All we know about Project Tempo the Amazon game streaming platform

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Rumors of Amazon venturing into streaming games are not new, but more detail than ever begin to materialize both the streaming platform itself and the games that Amazon is developing. Here’s everything we know about the next adventure in the Amazon streaming games, called Project Tempo.

What is the Project Tempo?

Details are scarce on what exactly differentiate Project Tempo, but we know that it is a platform to broadcast games from the Amazon servers to users’ machines, much like Google or Stadia Project cloud. We can assume that Amazon will use Project Tempo to broadcast many games he now has a hand to develop and seek agreements with other publishers to make their games are also available on the service.

A unique part of the Tempo project appears to be its integration with the other type of game streaming via Twitch owned by Amazon. The jobs at Amazon last year and a new report The New York Times both indicate that Amazon is trying to blur the line between the stream and the public with a new type of game that will allow and streamers viewers to play together.

Amazon's Project Tempo - What Is It, What Are The Games, Release Date

Project Tempo When he is launched?

The most likely answer: not soon. According The New York Times, Amazon plans to unveil the first version of Project Tempo later this year, but that plan is now pending. Because of the pandemic Covid-19, work on the Tempo project are interrupted with much of the gaming industry, and its initial release date should be postponed to 2021.

Last year, some of Amazon’s plans for what is now known as Project Tempo began dating. At the time, CNET reported that Amazon was about to announce his platform then unknown game streaming in 2020. Although the launch of Project Tempo is pushed, there is a good chance that we learned yet more later this year.

What games will be available on Project Tempo?

Like everything else Project Tempo, the games that will support remain an open question. If Amazon wants its own service competes with other similar platforms, it will woo the major publishers to get their games on Project Tempo.

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Amazon is also working on several games internally that would be good matches for Project Tempo. New WORLD, colonialist MMORPG Bio-based Amazon has already been the subject of many discussions and is currently slated for release in May. Amazon Games is also working on a free-to-play MMO Anne aux the Lord, who seems much earlier in the production, with no release date indication.

Amazon Games have released a game called Crest competitive shooting in March, before pushing in April and again in May. If it seems likely that Crest will actually be launched before Project Tempo, it is safe to assume that he will also visit the platform.

In addition to these three games, Project Tempo also house embedded games Twitch Amazon. More will certainly be announced once that Amazon will be able to set a start date for Project Tempo.

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