GTA Online How to get free Blue Bright Sunglasses and Bright Party Necklace

Christmas finished days ago, but that does not mean that the parties have finished in GTA Online, hence RockS tar wanted to continue giving articles to users. Therefore, during the next few days you can get free blue bright sunglasses and bright party necklace, as we are going to explain in this guide.

How to get free blue bright sunglasses and bright party necklace

Whether by Christmas holidays or by the New Year, there are reasons more than enough to be celebrating during these days and aspire to become the soul of the party. That is why with the items that are given this week you can modify the appearance of your character to go matching perfectly.

You will only need to connect them at any time to the GTA V multiplayer and automatically this pair of items will become yours forever. In addition, there are also for sale other items of this topic, such as masks, accessories and other series of garments.

On the other hand, you do not have to forget that the Christmas pack of last week is still available for all those who play GTA Online. Thanks to him, you will take the brown sea lion mask, the green festive t-shirt, a pyrotechnic cannon with 20 rockets, appetizers, a shield, 25 adhesive pumps, 25 pomegranates, 10 proximity mines and 10 Molotov cocktails with which you can fly All through the air.

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