Tottenham Hotspur lets Southampton two points

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Oh, When the Saints go marching in, lured it from the ranks — and also the team marched. Southampton surprised Tottenham through high intensity, long time the gameplay was relatively unilateral in the first section. Adam Armstrong left the first good chance (6.), after a throw away, Ward Prose met with a rich 14-meter shot (25th).

Harry Kane slams home Tottenham equalizer against Southampton | Premier League | NBC Sports

The Spurs have hardly appeared for a long time. Kane (29.) and Son (35.) played only after half an hour by telecommunications against this tendency before a scene just before the break altered everything: the already warned Salish felled in the penalty pancakes — yellow-red for the saints Defender, 1: 1 by penalty specialist Kane (41.).

Offside and offensive foul

Now the guests who wanted to catch up with the Champions League ranks had all the trumps in their hands. And except some phases, the majority was also noticeable. In front of the gate, however, the Spurs had pitch: Kane’s Santa flat shot for supposed 2: 1 was cashed in due to minimal time (53.), the supposed own goal of Saints-Keeper Forster, which was pressed by Doherty, also not (67.).

Even if householders rarely really played on the wall, they did not stop at the front — the winning goal was only on the other side in the air. But primarily final Kane Forster threw himself — against Doherty (70th), Kane (82nd), Lucas Mourn (87.) and Bryan (90. + 5) — always in the way. So that after a mistake of DIED almost Southampton’s Broad the 2: 1 on the other side would have succeeded (90. + 2).

While the Saints are hanging in the lower table center field, it missed the Spurs, more floor on the fourth-placed arsenal. The city private is five points for two outstanding games for Tottenham.

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