G123 Evil God-chan Drop Kick Neba Wars Animation The first appearance Ecute CV Morning Nozuro is implemented at the third term

BTW Corporation indicated that Acute (CV: Morning Hasura) was implemented at the HTML5 game Evil Gotcha Drop Kicking Seating Wars during the game service G123.

BTW Co., Ltd. implements the HTML5 game Acute (CV: Morning Nonzero) in the HTML5 game Evil Gotcha Drop Kicked Wars distributed at the game service G123.

New Friends Characters

Acute (vampire)
CV: Morning Nor
Rank: SS

Pickup Summoned!

We will hold a pickup summons that you can summon a Credit character of A rank or more including the SS rank Acute (Vampire) that appeared this time. When Summoned, the card or debris is discharged, and the chips can be combined by the card by collecting 50 sheets. The number of debris emissions is displayed at the bottom right of the card.

The current chip possession number can be confirmed from the bag. You can participate from the pickup on the home screen, so let’s get an SS rank companion character at this opportunity.

※ Acute (vampire) can always be acquired within 200 times of Summon.
※ Holding period December 29, 2021 (Wed) to January 4, 202 (Tuesday)

Game delivery URL

Gameplay URL: HTTPS: //s.g123.jp/8TBWP761 Official Site URL: https://g123.jp/game/42

Evil Gotcha Drop Kick Nice Still Wars (Nero War)?

NEA is an RPG that develops a dot bat battle with the slime of the devil, the evil god and the Boron part of Jimbo from the demon world!

One day, I was witnessed by the evil god who had been shopping in Akihabara and I witnessed it, and it was another evil god who ran in the city.
Everyone who is evil god is 2 people!? Two people will destroy another evil god who runs wild.

What fell down was a slime that was convinced to the evil god. Apparently many slime from the devil world seems to have come! Players will challenge the slime while summoning and fostering anime familiar characters that started the evil god.

In battle, attributes and occupations are the key to the capture! It is recommended to organize characters so that slims are greater than normal. Let’s enjoy a nice Jimbo life with the evil god!

Basic information

◎ ゲーム Game Title: Evil Wars Drop Kick NEA Wars ◎ Genre: RPG ◎ Price: Basic Free (In-game item charge system) ◎ Official Twitter: HTTPS: //twitter.com/jashinChan NNW ◎ Official hashtag: sticky

What is G123 (Giichinisan)?

On smartphone tablet PC web browser, it is a game service that enjoys carefully selected high quality games without unnecessary member registration.

Official site: HTTPS: //g123.jp/

About BTW Corporation

SQUID GAME |  GREEN LIGHT, RED LIGHT ⚠️violence&gore⚠️ #squidgame #kdrama #오징어게임

A comprehensive internet platform service company that operates the game platform G123 (Giichinisan).

Company name: BTW Corporation: 〒 106-0032 Hong mi 1-9-10 Arc Hills Senior Yamamoto Tower representative: Safari Rich Established: August 2013 Capital: Platform Business URL: Platform Business URL: https://ctw.inc/

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