Secure PS5 for electricity providers Console in the eco flow

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is hard to get marriage before Christmas. At the electricity provider E How easy you can grab the console as a premium with a stream tariff. Here you will find the most important information about the PS5 electricity bundle.

Unfortunately, the PlayStation 5 continues to rare — the console is expected to be very difficult to get even very difficult in the coming weeks. With the electric tariff of E How easy you can order the PS5 now in a comprehensive bundle and the console is delivered from the end of January 2022 — here you will find all the details of the offer.

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PS5 Disc Edition in the Electricity Tariff

At the electricity discounter e How easy (posters of E.ON) are currently available as a premium in a tariff bundle — as disc edition with two dual sense controllers and 24 months of PS-Plus membership. You can secure the package for a one-time additional payment of 349 euros. This is how the electricity tariff looks like in detail:

100 percent eco flow
24 months minimum contract period
Price guarantee over 24 months
Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Edition

PlayStation 5 Power Consumption (Demo and Warzone Game)
2 danseuse Controller
24 months PlayStation-Plus subscription
One-time additional payment of 349 Euro

PS5 Bundle at e How easy: available in the green electricity tariff

With the conclusion of a power contract at E How easy you can currently secure a PS5. To do this, you have to commission at least one month before the expiration of your current contract period e how easy with the change.

After the contract confirmation and the receipt of the one-time additional payment of 349 euros you can then look forward to your PS5. The console is delivered from the end of January 2022.

You can find even more information about the current price and availability of the PS5 in our review.

In our video we give you the overview of the exclusive play of the PlayStation 5:

With E How easy you can currently snap the PS5 in the bundle with 24 months PS Plus and a second danseuse controller if you conclude a power contract with the provider. The next-gene console will be delivered at the end of January 2022 at the earliest.

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