PS5 at o2 disc edition incl Pulse headphones in the tariff

Also about a year after Date PlayStation 5 is still in short supply. But there is a bright spot: The mobile operator O2 has another tariff bundle offer, which you do not just the disc edition of the next-gen console, but also a Sony Pulse headphones and 20 GB LTE data volume can secure. But is it worth that? We have recalculated!

PlayStation 5 Disc Edition in the tariff bundle o2

O2 know what many PlayStation fans want and provides finally the popular tariff bundle with the PS5 (Disc Edition) and a Sony Pulse Headset for 44.99 euros. The Digital Edition incl. 2 controller is now sadly sold out and will be planned for in January back in stock.

Deal with Disc Edition

At the Next Gen console you can also save you another 12 months PlayStation Plus subscription and 100 EUR change bonus. Note: The only drawback is that the delivery time is indicated at 7 weeks. The PS5 is therefore no longer end up under the Christmas tree.

The tariff details at a glance:

Network: o2
Tariff: o2 Free M
20 GB LTE data volume (max. 300 Bit / s)
All net- and SMS-Flat
EU Roaming Included
24 months minimum term, 3 months notice

PlayStation 5 Disc Edition with Pulse headset in the tariff we expected before

SONY Pulse 3D Wireless Headset | UNBOXING and REVIEW | PlayStation 5
Monthly fee for the O2 tariff with 20 GB: 24 × 44,99 EUR
One-time connection fee: 39.99 Euro
Shipping costs: 4,99 EUR
Supplement for PS5: 1 Euro
Total cost after 24 months: 1,125.74 euros

PS5 with o2: Worth the offer?

Monthly 45 euros for a wireless service plan does not sound only once for a bargain, but we expect a look. The PS5 Disc Edition costs 499 euros, at least in theory, for they are sold out everywhere. The Pulse headphones costs around 90 euros. A PlayStation Plus subscription for 12 months costs MSRP 59.99 euros.

Subtracting these values ​​from the total cost over 24 months term of the contract, 476.75 euros remain. This corresponds to 19.86 euros a month for a plan with 20 GB of data. The 100 Euro change bonus are not even counted here.

As the biggest selling point itself is a matter of course that you get the PlayStation fifth If that is important is to do with this tariff at least no loss. By comparison, a tariff with similar terms at o2 itself costs around 30 euros a month.

Deal with Disc Edition

Forget in no case to cancel in time, that is at least 3 months prior to expiry. If you should forget it, the contract is not extended for another year, but may be terminated monthly. The basic fee is also reduced to 29.99 euros from 25 months.

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