Forza Horizon 5 launches the second update the patch notes are revealed

Myth is a collection of action role-playing video games for Xbox, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox 360 and Xbox One systems. The collection was developed by Lion head Studios up until the studio was closed in 2016, and is released by Xbox Video game Studios.

The second Fora Horizon 5 Update since it was launched on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X last month. And like the first post-launch update, this second is substantial. Along with the launch of the update, the developer Playground Games published the official and complete notes of the patch for the update, revealing all the improvements and changes that are made in the game.

At the time of publication, it is not clear what is the size of the update file. That said, as always, will vary from one platform to another. Meanwhile, wait a potentially large file size, which means a potentially fleshy discharge depending on how good your Internet download speeds are.

Next, you can check the aforementioned patch notes, courtesy of the Fora website:

Stability of the game

Several stability corrections
The blockage that could occur when loading chapter 6 was corrected in the story of Born Fast Horizon.
The blockage that could occur when reproducing the expedition of the canyon was corrected.
A soft block was corrected that could occur during low expedition.


Improvements for a problem in which convoy members and other players can disappear
Horizon Open: The amount of races at the Open Racing events was reduced before a car change, from 5 to 3
Horizon Open: The Goliath was eliminated from the pool to avoid a long wait to complete the race
Horizon Open — Street Race routes will now be at night
Horizon Open: Racing S2 Cross Country races were removed
Horizon Open: The problem was solved with the HUD score in Open Drifting
Eliminator: Randomized position of the CAR Falls Eliminator
A problem was solved by which the search for a convoy through ‘look for a convoy’ could result in an infinite load
The leaders of the convoy that accept an invitation from Fora Link now accept for all the convoy
The Convoy icon on the player’s tag on the map has been updated to be more legible
Horizon Arcade: The scoring goal now scale according to the number of participants
Horizon Arcade: a problem was solved by which the members of the convoy saw different scoring totals
Horizon Arcade: Prioritize the grouping of players in larger groups when the event begins
Horizon Arcade: The time was increased in which the radius of a Horizon Arcade event will appear on the map before it from 10 minutes.
Horizon Arcade: Completion requirements adjusted for some events of Horizon Arcade
Horizon Arcade: The problem was solved through which finding a Barn Find during an event of Horizon Arcade could leave players in a bad state of play
Horizon Arcade: The problem was solved by which Horizon Arcade Mini Missions HUD showed the players when the next mission was beginning
Horizon Arcade: Unique icons were added for each type of Horizon Arcade game on the map
Horizon Arcade: Solved a problem by which some ramps may not appear during the Diana Events of Horizon Arcade
Horizon Arcade: The completion requirements were reduced as part of the festival’s playlist
Made car restrictions clearer for Horizon Tour
The problem was solved by which to beat a record in rival and series rival would not provide a new rival on the post-race screen
The problem was solved by which players could see the total of incorrect points in patio game events when a player was leaving
The problem was solved by which there was no traffic in the street races online.
The problem was solved with the destination pin by playing expeditions in cooperative mode.
The problem was solved with the disappearance of the AI ​​cars when playing expeditions in cooperative mode

Wheel compatibility

A problem was solved by which the indications of the buttons did not appear for users with Logitech G920


A problem was solved by which players could tune their car with a superior class vehicle before starting a career.
A problem was solved by which the times of Blueprint events could be misused in the race classification table at that location.
A problem was solved by which players could publish on the Rivals and Pr Stunt classification tables when they used modified game speed configurations

personal computer

The problem was solved by which the pause menu could show two tabs at a time by changing the focus out of the game and resume pause with a controller
The problem was solved by which the mouse entry was ignored on the Horizon Story Post Race Stars screen
The mouse stopped in order to move the camera during the cinematic prior to the race
A problem was solved by which the low video memory warning could be incorrectly shown in AMD Renoir
A problem was solved by which execution at a resolution of 3440 × 1440 caused graphic artifacts on the edge of the screen
Improved messaging on outdated drivers


’98 TOYOTA SUPRA OZ — The problem of the window molding and several other corrections to update the parts
Freer roam convertible functionality was added to Willy’s Jeep and Porsche 918 Spider
’18 BMW M5 — Corrected color on the left front brake caliper
’70 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler — Serial brakes can not be painted
The DeLorean logo was corrected on the Auto Collection screen
Reduced transmission complained in the audio of the serial car
The engine audio was updated for the PORSCHE 918 Spider.


A problem was solved by which some completed awards could be restored incomplete.
A problem with accolades was solved by photographing the statues in the history of the road that did not unlock
A problem was solved by which the accolade for taking a shortcut in the final chapter of the history of road fight did not unlock
It was corrected that raised in the desert did not require the player to be in the appointed car
The description of «unlimited power» was corrected to say unlimited off-road instead of Extreme Off-Road
The message Ready, ready, ready! Unlock if the player loses the race
Some awards were removed that could become incomplete, which required the player to complete a public relations trick on a specific car.
Typographic error corrected in the description of a real advantage by Aston Martin Vantage 2018 to 2019
Ford of the Wings was corrected where the goal did not appear when I was fixed.
The problem was solved by which Monster Destroyer was not completed if the player won after restarting.
The Canon Run praise was updated to use the correct name
The amount of aerial skills required for the Air in AG Wagon award was corrected.
A problem was solved with the unbeatable land racing award that progress was incorrectly.
The Money to Burn award was corrected that led the players to the wrong drifting area.
The Do not Break, There are not many left to inform the player of the danger sign that he must complete.
The problem was solved by setting compliments for some signals of danger did not configure the route correctly
The ability to jump to rewards was added in Accolade menus


The second screen of the Previous Event of Super7 now shows the title and description instead of the Creator and the description
The problem was solved in Super7 where players can experience a long load if they create a challenge away from a road
The problem was solved by which Super7 challenge accessories were not loaded after publication
Solved the problem by which the player could stop receiving new super7 challenges
An incorrect line of reproduction was removed when returning to Free roam from Super7


A problem was solved by which seasonal public relations acrobatics indicated 1 mph / 1 foot / 1 m more required despite compliance with the completion criteria
EVENTUAL: Accessories now will appear as the selected color variant before placing it
Some erroneous accessories present at the stadium were eliminated when creating event Lab events
A problem was solved by which players could not see their own events in the event plans menu.
The variable place was changed in the rules of play to classification to be more representative.
The problem was solved in Blueprint Builder where the miniature of the accessory did not appear
The flow of Fora Link tutorial was modified to prevent players from customized control assignments to get stuck.
A delay of displacement was added to the long phrases of Fora Link to help with readability
A problem with Fora Link was solved when sending «Follow me» in response to the barn search request without establishing a route

Forza Horizon 5 - The Second Update is Here! (Forza Horizon 5 Patch Notes December 3 2021)
Rewind during an exhibition I could make the game ignore the out-line game speed accessibility settings
Infinite Car Collection now grants the phrase «Stones» Fora Link
The problem was solved by which the player appeared in the wrong location when reproducing expeditions
The accessibility option was added to progress in Horizon Stories without completing the previous challenges.
The posters of the Hall of Fame were corrected that did not give priority to friends who had joined the Hall of Fame.
Several bad points of Fast Travel were corrected that could leave the player stuck
A problem was solved by which the house of the quiet place player could be blocked again after having bought it
The players’ labels showed the wrong pi on the map.
The Marathon Icon is no longer overlapping to the Horizon Street Scene Post Icon on the map
Change the map filters to include to delete map icon at multiplayer events, instead of the festival sites.
The cut of the camera was corrected through the landscape during the cinematographic results post-race.
Problems were corrected with the cut in several garments in the creator of characters.
The problem was solved with the price that was incorrectly shown for Car Pass and the Premium Accessories package in Steam
A problem was solved by which the festival’s playlist showed more points earned from which they can be achieved.
The prestigious stars were corrected that did not appear on the online classification tables.
Added the ability to ‘watch eligible cars’ in seasonal public relations tricks on the screen of the festival playlist
Made the final control point in street racing events be visually different from normal control points
Did it so that the Add Layer function in the designs’ editor now correctly add the layer to the top of the battery
The follow-up of achievements for the achievement Unlimited dexterity was corrected
A problem was solved by which players could omit the whole race in chapter 2 of road fighting
A problem was solved by which the radio could be turned back after turning it off.
Quick travel message Updated from the pause menu to correctly inform the player who will take you to the nearest festival site
A problem was solved by which players could change manual to automatic gears after a scene.

Fora Horizon 5 is available via Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC through Steam and Windows Store.

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