Battlefield 2042 Player repairs broken penguins with Bunsenbrenner

Climate change is omnipresent in Battlefield 2042. Not only the flora suffers from the effects, even the wildlife seems to have adapted to the new circumstances and modernized how the discovery of a player proves.

New Battlefield 2042 Update Fixes Hitreg?

Battlefield player brings penguins back to the front

On the huge maps of Battlefield 2042 there are all kinds of interesting things to discover, but often underpass in the battle tum. So the edge areas of the snowy card Breakaway are populated about from some penguin families.

But the climatic catastrophe in the game seems to have taken a strong influence on the non-flying birds, proves a new video of the Reddit user Unlike. In the clip, he shows how he approaches an injured penguin and supplied him medically — with a bunt burner.

When the Battlefield player aligns his gadget on the penguin and uses it, suddenly a green bar, which normally displays the players display the condition of the vehicle that they just repair. The longer Unlike keeps the bunt burner on the penguin, the higher the life bar of the cool cracking carrier increases. He is repaired quasi.

Whether it is only a bug or the Battlefield developers of this feature intentionally installed as a small meta commentary, is currently unknown. However, if we interpret the video completely freely, the penguins on Breakaway seems to be no true animals, but about robots or at least Cyborgs.

Was has actually changed in Battlefield 2042 compared to the predecessors? We’ll tell you short and just in the video:

Battlefield developers want to tear the rudder around

Battlefield 2042 has set anything but a dream start. The shooter hope has been struggling with big problems since the pre-release release, which ensure bad mood among the players.

After all, the developers have now published a big patch, which takes on many mistakes and brings various balancing changes. Although players seem to appreciate the involvement of the studio, but until Battlefield 2042 really runs well, it should be a long way.

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