Twitch Strea will explain that New World is a unpavated problem

The Twitch Streamer Michael Shroud Greek is by far the largest Twitch Streamer for MMORPG New World. He now explains which inevitable problem now refers to New World if the player number remains low. Because the announced merging of servers will bring big problems.

That’s Shroud:

Shroud is a veteran on Twitch. He streamed since 2012 on the platform. He was a while professional player in CS: Go, but has noticed early that the streaming makes him more joy. Meanwhile, he has 9.8 million follower — that’s the fifth-largest channel on Twitch at all. Even after his commentary lucrative interim game on mixer, the Canadian remains popular with Polish roots.
Shroud is known as a shooter specialist: His great goal has introduced him the nickname Human Aim bot. His passion is besides the shooters but also MMORPGs, so he loves World of Warcraft and for some time the new MMORPG from Amazon, New World.
Currently, Shroud is by far the biggest streamer to New World. He has about 3 times more viewers as the second place on Twitch.

High player walk and many servers lead to server merges

What a problem comes to New World? Amazon has already announced to merge servers at New World. One has opened many servers to the release, but through the free server transfer and the high player-wicked since the launch, there are now dying servers that are no longer enough players to play New World how it thought is.

Therefore, Amazon wants to start to assemble individual servers: that is, smaller servers will close and go to larger servers.

If it goes to the players, Amazon can not start quickly enough to assemble the servers. Because they say: On a senior server, New World makes no fun anymore. The villages degenerate, you can not craft clever, and the group features are no longer playable.

New World makes no pleasure without a certain number of players on a server.

We have dealt with my question with whether New World is still saving:

Someone is always on the ass

That says Shroud: The Twitch Streamer says, compulsory servers will forcibly lead to big problems. Because the economy on a small server look very different from on a middle server. On a small server, individual players would dominate the market for certain items, had no competition, thousands of materials would be hoarding.

If you pack such monopolists from small servers to large servers, they would take over immediately.

It does not make sense if you collect multiple small servers with a middle server. It would be more meaningful if you collect all the small servers and then a medium-sized with another medium-sized server.

If you take a handful of small servers and one has thousands and thousands of materials, because he has no competition, then comes simply on a medium or high population server and takes over.


However, Shroud believes that there are problems, no matter how to do it:

There are simply too many items. No matter what you do, anything is on the ass.

Nevertheless, Shroud believes: Amazon must merge the servers. This is an unavoidable problem. It is still better to bite in the acidic apple and do it, as not to act.

New World has some hard days behind:

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