Battlefield 2042 is already from the worst Steam qualified games

Battlefield 2042 He debuted last Friday, and everything indicates that the community was not happy with the new proposal multiplayer of EA and says. We say this because the Shooter is already positioned as one of the qualified worst of all Steam.

And, at the time of writing, Battlefield 2042 has almost 36 thousand reviews on Steam, most of them negative. Because of this, what’s new about EA Figure within the Top 10 of the Games with the worst criticism on this platform. And of course, although there are quite reasonable and justified criticisms, there are also others that only seek to get on this hate raid.

Battlefield 2042 Is Now One Of The Worst Reviews Games In Steam History
Most of these complaints are related to the enormous amount of bugs and glitches with which the title has, in addition to certain functions that, without any apparent reason, simply are not within Battlefield 2042. Could it be that EA can still save it, or is it too late?

BATTLEFIELD 2042 is now available for consoles Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Here you can know what we found this game through our written review.

Editor’s note: After having played it for a good number of hours, the truth is that Battlefield 2042 does feel like an incomplete title. Not only does it lack many basic functions of gender, but is also plagued by many bugs and graphic errors.

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