Nexon New Daejeon Fighting Game DNF Duel New Video Disclosure

[Data provided: Nixon]

— During the Arc Masterworks known as the Gil Gear> series

Nexon IP Daemon Fighting Game unfolded on Characters

The official SNS channel is opened with full-fledged user

The official trailer image of the official trailer image is 400,000 views after uploading the official trailer image

Nixon has released a new play video of his new Daemon Fighting Game today (26th).

The , which has been disclosed in the first public interest in the Paper Festival last year, is a joint development, Anti-Fighter> (Dun pa) is a fighting game that utilizes IP.

I opened the official SNS channel of on the 22nd earlier, opened the official SNS channel (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) and started full-fledged user. The official trailer image of the main character appeared. The video is gathering and attracting a great interest in the viewpoint of 400,000 views after uploading.

NEW Fighting Game DNF Duel Gameplay Reveal | Arc System Works New 2D Fighter

Followed by the character of today (26th) , the play image of the ear inspection of the ear inspection ‘Berger’, The image expressed a powerful, low-keratable attack pattern with a variety of cut tenets and a brilliant combo production, and you can feel the activity of the characters in the battle of the characters.

Additional game information for is scheduled to publish in Formal YouTube and Facebook, Twitter.

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