Battlefield GTA Trilogy Cyberpunk Conclusion with unfinished play

Battlefield 2042 and the GTA remasters are the most recent examples of how games should not appear.

27 percent. This is not the percentage of people in Germany who are still unvaccinated (which is currently unfortunately a bit higher) and are also not the discount, which you get at a certain hardware store on everything except pet food. No, these are the current rate of positive user reviews on Battlefield 2042 on Steam. This means in reverse: The ratings are mostly negative and is the first-person shooter from DICE and Electronic Arts, at least one of the scored the worst AAA games on the platform.

In the test we gave the title not a very high scoring. If Battlefield 2042 does not come in such a faulty, poorly optimized state to the market, the note would be quite unusual gracious. Yes, the game has many design flaws, but can have fun you so anyway. At least that’s my opinion. To me, it is vital that in this text to bad design, that would be material for another column with the theme of Oh, my God, all once good development studios crash. That makes me sad, but what really makes me angry is what ‘audacity to companies like EA permit bringing games to market that are not ready yet obvious.

No recent phenomenon

That games are thrown in the raw state to the market, is certainly nothing new. Not only Cyberpunk 2077 end of last year has shown us, with all its technical problems (and in the case also clearly not designed to end tuners) how bad the release may run one so highly anticipated game. Let us just consider Battlefield 4 back. This has for eight years under his belt, but has only been running six to seven of them without any major problems. DICE has always been difficult to publish games without errors. Apparently it is particularly difficult to Sweden, meet deadlines and well manage their technology.

We can also go back further in history. I myself did not realize it because I was still a bit too young, but from the stories I know in what bad condition Ultimo 9: Ascension published in 1999. Was significantly more present there for me Gothic 3. How much I was happy as a huge fan of the predecessor it. But the release in the fall of 2006 was an absolute disaster. Although I have fun anyway mean had, but from today’s perspective I regret it somehow to have run then directly for publication in an electronics store and have the collector’s edition purchased.

The business of ignorance

I could mention many other examples to demonstrate that unfinished games are not a new phenomenon. Nevertheless, it seems to us as if the whole thing nowadays much worse. Well, that could be because the producers so much to insist that they should nevertheless necessarily Pre. The best way then accesses equal to the more expensive Deluxe, Gold, Premium, Ultimate or whatever Edition, it may pay even a three-figure sum and may then, as in the case of Battlefield 2042 to play a week before everyone else. EA calls the Early Access — a rogue who thinks evil of it.

Of course, the players are especially angry when they are hyped, pre-order then and sometimes pay more money than necessary to play and then get so verbiages not mature product served. And in no other industry is so often the case — at least not without the customer can easily reclaim his money.

Exchange video games? Well, that’s not always so easy

If I buy a washing machine that does not work, I have a right to exchange them again. As at that time the batteries of several Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have exploded, the manufacturer has launched a recall and set the further sale. Is such a thing ever happened in a video game? Yes, in the case of the console versions of Cyberpunk 2077 could return the game and the PS4 version was also temporarily not available on PlayStation Store. But no buyer was called actively to apply for a refund. Well, in case there was also no risk of injury.

Of this apart: PC gamers today have the opportunity to return on Steam in GOG and Epic Games Store within a limited period and for a limited season purchased songs. Consoles but usually look into the tube.

Honestly, you have to say that video games in contrast to technical equipment or any other form of physical objects have a special position: software can be patched. The faulty Samsung smartphones back then (so those who have not yet gone to the air) all to repair and then send back again, Samsung maybe could make. But that would probably have been more expensive than just to reimburse all buyers. Clear to develop an update, it also costs something. This can not even be done in such an afternoon of a person, but is comparatively easy. However, this can not and may not be an excuse to disclose games unfinished and still want to know the fans in advertising that their own work is the best of what they ever play.

We do not fall in the marketing language

Фиаско Battlefield 2042, STALKER 2, Простите Rockstar за GTA Trilogy, Cyberpunk, Позорники Blizzard
Particularly three, the whole thing becomes, if the manufacturer apologizes after such a debacle, but he is noticed that this apology is not honest. So it happened in the case of Rockstar Games and GTA: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition. But the company is actually allowed to write that the technical problems of the Remasters had been unexpected. My question to Rock star: Do not you have a department for quality control? Someone must have the product removed before it was released? How can not stand out that the trilogy is in bad condition?

Sometimes I feel that the manufacturers keep us stupid because they are not honest with us. Rockstar Games has clearly lied to us in this case. And if not, it would be a badly structured company whose fantastic products of the past have all been fortackages.

Let’s take a look at the latest contribution from Dice and EA to the situation around Battlefield 2042, in which two updates are announced, falls on: The leaders apologize at all. Instead, there is an indeed, We look forward to seeing so many of you back on the battlefield — almost twice as many as at our last release [Note d. Red.: Battlefield 5] at this time [so few Days to Release]. On me that makes the impression that you want to tell the reader that the game is perfect because it is so many people playing. Consequently, it must be totally popular and the couple criticisms, yes, they still fix them with patches. Surely: The Servers of Battlefield 2042 are (yet) anything but empty, but the critical voices in the net do not even fit the way DICE and EA communicate here.

The solution would be so easy

I understand that Publisher are profit-oriented companies. If you do not make enough sales, you will first be degraded and then at some point the entire company construct goes down the stream. Long development times cost a lot of money, especially with so big teams like DICE. At this point, I would not only blame Electronic Arts to blame on the missed launch. It was a long time ago that this year a new Battlefield should appear and Dice just does not make the impression that the fastest developer who can work on time.

Nevertheless, EA Battlefield 2042 should not have published (in this way) in this condition. But you really wanted to have it on the Christmas business in the market, because video games at this time are just well selling — and of course the investors like to see. A new Battlefield would also be excellent in spring 2022, I’m pretty sure. And if a shift would not have been possible for several months for financial reasons, EA should at least be honest with us.

I’ve been challenged in spring as a result of the cyberpunk debacle and I can only emphasize here: the Early Access model would also be a good option for AAA productions to bring games to the desired time on the market And already earning money with you without having to envision first. But no, before all the big publishers continue to hurt because the seemingly under their dignity. You do not want to be plugged into a pot with so many SCAMS, which there is now or gave in the Early-Access heading by Steam. Instead, you prefer to publish unfinished products, but if you do not know about it just before release, apologize later (or not) and push them healthy, then to abuse the fans’ confidence again next time.

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