According to Tor and Assist Reimer introduces new DEL in Krefeld

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The 2014– 15 Deutsche Hockey Lisa season was the 21st period given that the starting of the Deutsche Hockey Lisa. It began on 12 September 2014 as well as upright 22 April 2015.

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At the victory of the Swiss francs in the silk city, Patrick’s Racer first achieved the 1-0 of his team in the first third itself and thus already moved with Daniel Reuther, who had kept the eternal del record until most recently. In the final third, Racer finally provided with a template for the meantime 3: 1 by Gregor MacLeod for its historical 798 point. Then all Nuremberg team colleagues stormed the ice to celebrate the brand with their captain. Also, some Drifter followers paid respect the 38-year-old with applause. Reuther, with the Margo once played in Düsseldorf, had come to 797th scorer points in his career. With now 372 goals, Racer is already successful goalkeeper of the del history.

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