Shroud Alaba one of the most controversial decisions of the New World

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It is no secret that Michael Shroud Greedier is a great admirer of Nero World, since it has spent a lot of time with the game during the last month. During a recent transmission, Shroud entered details about one of him’s favorite things about the MMO, and that is the fact that the game does not take you by the hand. That’s not something that many other players would see as something good, and I could even discourage some. However, it is clear that Should sees a lot attractive in the amount of freedom granted.

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I think what this game does a little different game is that it does not take you by the hand. If you expect the game to tell you what you should do, it is not. You just have to solve it. I think that’s where the fun comes in my opinion. But yes, I think that many people end up as if they did nothing because they do not know what to do, Shroud said during the transmission.

Obviously, Shroud has spent much longer with the MMOs than most players, so he makes sense that he sees a greater attraction in a game that offers less direction. Of course, although that works for veteran players, it can also be overwhelming for those who have approached New world. Without having a lot of experience with gender. This is clearly an element of the game I love or hate it !

When it comes to how much direction to give players, there is no perfect answer, and developers as Amazon Game Studios are constantly trying to find the right balance. Some players simply do not have the necessary time or patience, and Shroud has said earlier that casual players might want to avoid New world. MMO enthusiasts for a long time, however, can find a lot to enjoy.

New world is now available, exclusively for PC. Readers can consult our previous game coverage here.

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