We played one of the biggest MMORPGs on Steam which hardly knows one of you

Legends of idle on MMO is one of the largest and especially most popular MMORPGs on Steam. As the name implies, it is not a classic MMORPG, but mixes elements of idle games. Annoying Grind will be taken to you, but at the same time as an absurd guided. Mango editor Alexander Latch tried the game and was even positively surprised.

What is that for a game? Legends of idle on MMO connects classic MMORPG elements such as quests, dungeons, the further development of equipment and crafting with the idle games.

The English word idle is as much as idle and already refers to the way you play. Without great effort and attention for the game you should get a sense of success and reward. One of the most famous idle games is the Cookie Clicker, who has also appeared on Steam this year.

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Specifically, this means Legends of idle:

You do quests and fights in dungeons

But annoying grind like hacking of wood and farms of XP or materials makes the game itself.

You can even create additional characters that farm in the background for you while you follow your main character of the story.

What is the game on Steam? With 2,173 average players in the last 30 days missed Legends of idle on just the top 10 of the largest MMORPGs on Steam in November 2021. In October, it was still in place 10th, then However, Lyon appeared.

Legends of idle on also gets very positive reviews. From 5,105 reviews 90% are positive. One reason to look at the game more precisely.

Who speaks here? Alexander Latch is the MMORPG expert on Mango and spent thousands of hours in games of the genres. In addition, new games plays regularly.

This year, there was already playback reports to New World, Bless Unleashed or Swords of Legends online. In this article, he tells you about Legends of idle on MMO, which he has played about 20 hours.

A 2D world with a lot of humor

What does the entry look like? The entry into Legends of idle on is already great. I start as a high level character and learn the basics of the game, so: running, how and use portals. I expect a 2D world, so I can go right and left and climb up and down thanks to various ropes.

Directly to the entry, some entertaining dialogues await me. So I meet a huge troll that tells me that the boss room should be down in the hole. Behind the troll is a huge portal. When I address the troll on it, he simply pushes the portal from the field of view. Clever!

After learning the basics, I will throw from the troll of the platform and trap and trap and fall deeper. Down, I suddenly have a character on stage 1 and has to work out everything again.

The character editor offers few options:

Spielerbype — a selection of different attributes such as strength, flexibility or wisdom
Gender (Male, Female, Neither, Other, Stick Figure)
The starter hat

Especially at the hat you realize that the game does not take too seriously. My first equipment consists of a colorful kids hat, boxing gloves and a shirt with oranges on it. So an immersive, harmonious world does not expect me, there is a lot of nonsense and humor.

Also, the quests go in the same direction, for example if a talking picnic basket assigns to me the task of farming 200 frog legs for him because they are so delicious.

A combat system without real skill, even in group dungeons

How is it played? In Legends of idle on, I moved me by clicking with the mouse to the desire place. Dialogues with NPCs also take place if I actually get very far away from them. It is important only that I reach you with the mouse, just like the lot.

At the beginning I fight with my naked fists. Since I only have a car attack, the combat system is the first few hours rather MAU. But that does not matter, after all, there is car fight. I just click on a button and start the Mandela.

Well good… The first mobs do not fight themselves. They cause damage at the beginning, but after the first new chef mild, they do not make any damage anymore.

Over time, I learn new weapons to produce and improve my talents. So I also come to new skills, but which make the combat system only partially more interesting. Actually, I permanently fight only in car mode.

Collecting raw materials: When collecting raw materials, I have two options:

Either I use the automatic idle animation and collect very slowly
Or I play a mini-game. That goes faster, but demands my attention

There are gathering, at least after my previous stand 3 things: ores, trees and fishing fish.

My first dungeon: For example, with Level 6, I encounter my first dungeon. With a total of 8 players we move away and fight against green frogs, purple frogs and blue frogs. It runs a timer of 10 minutes and then there is the reward.

While I kill frogs, drop these food and balls that give me different bonuses only for this run. So I get specifically for this run bonuses, such as more life, more damage or higher mischance. In every new Dungeon Run, I can follow another way to another way. In addition, I have to always eat cake to stay alive.

An overall witty mechanics that forces me to be active in the dungeon, even if my character is basically fighting for itself.

Grind, which one would not carry in normal MMORPGs

The second character: For example, with Level 7, I get to know a special mechanism of the game. I can create a second character, which then takes over for the woods or collecting or zen for me. Practically!

Because characters that do an idle task do not have to be logged in. These include about:

Automatic wood chops
Automatic collecting of ores
Automatic fighting

The game uses an account-width chest and in this I can swap objects between the characters back and forth. And that is also needed bitterly, because absurd quantities of raw materials are needed, and I would have to grind forever with a character, in order to farm the experience points for degradation of gold or the purple crystals.

Incidentally, I free other character sites with Level 30, 60, 130 and 225, which can then also be grown.

What makes the game? Basically Legends of idle on is a single grind. The achievement of level 100 should take weeks in which the game passes through permanently. I have no idea how long it will take until level 225.

Even with the raw materials for new equipment, very high sums are quickly used.

That I should collect 200 frog legs after not even 2 hours of play, which will not even have a 100% drop chance, is actually a joke.

But only, actually.

Constant rewards and character development ensure fun

Why is the game worthwhile? Legends of idle on makes it addictive without you really playing. It is a similar effect as I know him from Cookie Clicker.

There are constantly new tasks, new rewards, and you want to move forward. At the same time you hardly need to play yourself, but only looks all 30 minutes or maybe even every few days in the game, but still feels good.

In addition, the game offers a certain depth, for example in the character development:

There are different weapons
Over 300 different talents that you can skill
You later chooses from different sub-classes
There are additional upgrades for the equipment
There is a success system

Some funny Easter Eggs and hidden successes are included in Legends of idle on. This has led that I am always on the ball and now my 20 game lessons full.

Is it really an MMORPG? Yes, there are classic RPG elements, and you are constantly on other players. Already in the starting area we stood to six on a tree and worked together, only that the stop never disappears.

The fact that Legends of idle on can also play in dungeons quasi AFK, more time remains to chat. And I had more contact with other players here than in many other MMORPGs.

However, you have to make sure that there are different worlds in the game. They are mostly populated differently, but they can change them at any time. Especially with the dungeons, it is recommended to play on a full server.

Conclusion: A game for MMORPG fans like Idle Games

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