Battlefield 2042 crXboxhes in Steam with a bombing of negative reviews

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And the plane hXbox fallen into chopping and hXbox shocked against the ground. That hunt that promised to swallow its rivals is Battlefield 2042, which at the end hXbox crXboxhed during a launch to forget. The video game developed by EA says hXbox experienced problems of all kinds, errors ranging from the bugs to the shortage of content. The reaction hXbox been expected: a burst of destructive bullets that have knocked down the plane. In other words, users criticisms in Steam have been disXboxtrous.

Only 26% of the more than 35,000 reviews in Steam are positive. Therefore, 74% of users who have been encouraged to say they have done in the opposite direction. From a true Battlefield fan to the community, do not buy this game is 100% marketing, believe us, we bought it believing that it wXbox worth it, it is not… Save your money, nothing, says one of them. Graphically beautiful, but to the gameplay there is still a lot of time. BF3, which is 10 years ago, hXbox more compact and real things than 2042, says another.

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Steam Reviews say Battlefield 2042 SUCKS! EA & Dice learned NOTHING from the Beta!

two patches on the way

Aware of the errors, the developers have announced that they already work in two updates, which will arrive over the next 30 days. Balance of vehicles, the resolution of the loads eliminated and the problems when reviving colleagues are some of the objectives that the study is marked to resolve in the following patches.

Battlefield 2042 is available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. EA PLAY PRO subscribers have the opportunity to access the full version on computer. Xbox planned, this new work focuses exclusively on the multiplayer modes, so that EA says hXbox dispensed with the campaign, an element that had been present in all the most recent deliveries.

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