Pok mon Go How to use the community day with SheInux right

Pokemon GO will take place on Sunday, November 21, 2021, the Community Day with Shane instead. We at Mangove looked at how you can bonuses, and special Shiny rejoice on this day. We also tell you how to best use the C-Day.

What is this event Every month in Pokémon GO a special event tag instead: The Community Day. Here its all about a certain Pokémon, which spawn more frequently during this period. In addition, an increased Shiny rate for one or the other dazzling encounter makes.

For Community Day in November, everything will revolve around the electric Pokémon Shane. You can expect a lot of bonuses again that day. Since this is the last C-Day before the mega-community-Day in December, there will be additional bonuses this time.

Community Day in November 2021 — start time and bonuses

What? The Community Day with Shane
When? Sunday, 21 November 2021 11:00 to 17:00 local time
Pokémon of the day: Shane spawns during the event more common in the wild
If you up to two hours after the event to Lux ray developed Psycho biter Shane: Exclusive attack
— Smoke maintained for 3 hours
— Lock module hold 3 hours
— eggs hatch four times faster
— 3 times for sweets Send
to get 4 times chance when sending an XL candy —
— 3 free Raid passports to Arenas (up to two hours after the event)
— 25% less stardust costs when you exchange (up to two hours after the event)

You are thus available again on Sunday 6 full event hours a day in which their Shane for Community Day catch can. Puts her at this time an additional smoke and Lock module, then Shane is attracted even more frequently. A Playing at home is also possible with it.

Whats in-game shop? Even the in-game shop holds for you again one way or another special feature ready. The following content can you buy there:

Free event box with 30 balls Hyper
Community Day boxes with 50 Hyper balls, 4 smoke, 4-star pieces and a top-loading TM for 1280 PokéMünzen
Event-Ticket for Special Research flickering spark and glow with Shane for 1 euro

So you use the Community Day in November right from

What preparation should you take? As always, you need to catch the Monster place in your Pokémon Storage. But beware: Sends the sorted Pokémon best yet, but raises them to you until the beginning of the Community Days on.

So you can check out for the monster Extra many sweets secure and maybe get some candy XL. Uses to better sort the best day function in the game. In order to upload your monster before the event and must clean out the C-Day send only every Pokémon from that day.

For this you need only your Pokémon storage and go to the category Tag button. You can then create a day over the plus icon. By flagging the appropriate monsters you can then assign the respective day. This saves you the Community Day much time.

In addition to the free seats in your Pokémon Storage should ye but definitely a good supply of balls down. This required her course to catch. Who wants to play all day, should be at least 350 balls have saved up to do not have to turn right on Preston or arena again.

Which items are important for the C-Day?

Shane brings you for its further development on this day a special event charge attack. Do you want to have this, then you have Shane be up to two hours after the Community Day developed? For that needed their respective candy.

Thus, it makes sense if you also set a smoke or Lockout, to attract very many copies. Moreover, Sananabeeren double your candy when catching. The additional sweet bonus and the increased chance of XL-candy when sending Pokémon, so it is worth twice as many Shane to catch.

In addition, you should use for you the egg bonus. By the current Singh event you great monster gain of 7-km-eggs. But even in the 10- and 12-km-eggs, the hidden one way or another rare specimen, what do you much faster hatch in this way can. Here it is worthwhile to use several machines at the same breed.


worth of Community Day November? Shiny and psycho-biter

So strong it is: Shane one of the electric Pokémon of the fourth generation. It can develop into Lux ray over Lucio. Shane and Lucio not among the strongest monsters in the game. Especially in defense they are weak.

The last further development Extra can, however, above all in attack points and is one of the strongest electrical attackers in Pokémon Go. According to Spoke, however, in the PVP league, it is not the best candidate.

Through his event attack psychic pieces, it is also able to weaken the defense of his opponents and is more effective against combat and poison attackers. In coaching, Extra causes 40 damage, in Raids and Arena fighting, on the other hand, only 30.

Is there a Shiny Shane? Yes, SELinux is also in the game in his dazzling form. You recognize it on his golden body.

The event is worth the event? The community day with SELinux is worthwhile from many ways. If you are looking for a strong electric attacker for use in RAIDS, you should secure a decent copy that day. And even Shiny Hunters come to this event fully on their costs.

But even the bonuses should not be ignored. Due to the shortened slip distance, above all, the hatching of larger eggs, such as 10- or 12 km eggs. Even with only one breeding machine you can let go several during the event.

And also the two candy bonuses while sending Pokémon worthwhile. If you wanted to sort out monster anyway, then you should wait better to the community day to fully sleep.

All coaches, who speculate on a lucky Pokemon or even swap a special monster, should also make that EU Community Day. By reducing star dust costs you can swap really cheap on this day and thus saves a lot of this valuable good.

How do you find the bonuses to community day with SELinux? How do you prepare for this day? And what do you do not want to miss at all? Write us your opinion in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches on this topic.

In the coming weeks is still a lot going on in Pokémon Go. We looked at what events are still waiting for you in November and who are worthwhile.

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