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Suitable for the anniversary and a large 20th birthday of the original Xbox console, we take a look at the many Microsoft gaming temples, which were left by Phil Spencer & Co. on the long-standing path in the sand. The reproach, Xbox would not value his old IPS, is of course wrong.

Whether it is the Microsoft Flight Simulator, the revival of Age of Empires (our test) or large comeback to Fable (from the Forza-Horizon developer Playground Games) or Perfect Dark (The Initiative), you are quite highly valued by fans. Exclusive title conscious — yet there are many titles that were wrongly forgotten.

Why I'm Buying The Original Xbox 20 Years Later...

We look in this video special for the last twenty years and dig up some pearls for you. Some of them have been great games that could be easily modernized. Others are rather — at least at first glance — a peculiar choice, as the games were more likely for disappointment during the period of their releases.

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  1. 1crimson Skies — High Road to Revenge
  2. 2Blinx — The Time Sweeper
  3. 3Grabbed by the Goalies
  4. 4Fusion Frenzy
  5. 5Recore
    6.6Banjo Kazoo

Crimson Skies — High Road to Revenge

Release: 31 October 2003 I Developer: FAST Studios I Platform: Xbox (Buy Now)
20 years Xbox: Forgotten Microsoft IPs earning a comeback [Special + Video] (1) Source: PC Games maybe remembers who: On the E3 show 2017, the topic of downward-compatible games was a pretty big — thanks to Xbox! One of the most popular features of the Xbox One was a huge library of Xbox and Xbox-360 games that were backwards compatible and thus playable on the one. One could now mean to bring the feature and its meaning perfectly over the stage would be put on a huge Xbox brand, which is already present today — a bit wrong.

Instead, Crimson Skies back, one of the large Launch titles of the original Xbox console. Anyone who had nothing at the time at the time: Crimson Skies — High Road to Revenge is an action flying game that focuses on the exciting and imposing adventures of charming Nathan Zachary. Sounds a bit like Nathan Drake, right.

Crimson skies adorned with an impressive graphics and an intuitive and fun control. In addition, there were a lot of playing moments that burn in the long term. But despite all this is missing on the horizon, any trace of the early. In fact, serial creator Jordan Tasman 2017 talked about the many talks with Microsoft, but so far, but so far, the brand re-revive. Do something, dear Phil Spencer!

Test your knowledge over 20 years Xbox: How many questions can you answer correctly?

blind — the time sweeper

Release: 08 October 2002 I Developer: Cartoon I Platform: Xbox
20 years Xbox: forgotten Microsoft IPs earning a comeback [Special + Video] (3) Source: PC Games The Cute Cat Blind, Maestro of Time Control, was one of the big figure signs of the first Xbox console — unfortunately too fast disappeared again. Currently, you will find many 3D platforms like Ratchet & Clank or Crash Bandicoot again on current consoles, while Blind is unfortunately not the case. Although the rights are for the title at Microsoft, but the ball is slightly opaque. According to their own statements, one would have to clarify the situation completely and that is currently unlikely for commercial reasons — Meh.

Anyone who does not know the Xbox classic: In Blind we take over the role of to Cater of the same name, which produces time in a factory. But a walk of motorized pigs keep worrying about riots and steal the time! Hero Blind makes itself the task of cleaning up in the room-time structure and creating a great adventure that can easily measure with sizes of time. We find it is high time that Blind also straights our room time-fabric again and finally returns.

Grabbed by the Goalies

Release: 21st November 2003 I Developer: Rare I Platform: Xbox, Xbox 360
20 years Xbox: Forgotten Microsoft IPs, which earn a comeback [Special + Video] (5) Source: PC Games The company Rare from Microsoft, then a strong partner of Nintendo, is particularly famous for titles such as Donkey Kong Country or Perfect Dark. Nowadays, the British developer probably know most of the Pirate Multiplayer Paradise Sea of ​​Thieves. But the very first game that Rare created under the umbrella of Microsoft was the Action Adventure Grabbed by the Goalies.

The focus of the charming children were Brussels Cooper and his girlfriend Amber who seek during a violent storm in a spooky mansion protection. But pretty soon it turns out that the owner Baron on Ghoul a not so lovable type as initially suspected. In addition, transforms Dr. Crackpot Amber into a fearsome Ghoul.

One might think that all this is hugely dramatic, but not true! Instead, the garnished with wrestling moves adventure full of fun and magic that offer one only the 2000s. A modern comeback from Grabbed by the Goalies would raise wonderful memories from the grave and also offer next State of Decay is the perfect Undead spearhead for Xbox — for sure!

Fusion Frenzy

Release: March 14, 2002, Our Developer: Blitz Games I platform: Xbox

Whether SingS tar, Bomber man and Mario Party, there was a time when coffee-party games were actually present at any good party. Microsoft knew of course that can not be missing on the first Xbox. The on-site Fusion Frenzy was unfortunately rather Leila way. Although there were just under 45 mini-games a huge range of activities, most of which were designed but little varied — rather stupid for a party game. Some exceptions were anyway.

Additionally, provided Fusion Frenzy with an unusual look for attention: A futuristic apocalypse. We firmly believe, in this day and age could be out of the — admittedly — very ugly graphic style rathole lot and the Together new push into the center again. The catalog of on-site games is currently being progressively more colorful, why not dig as a good old party game from the past? Besides the nostalgia Xbox Series X would be the big star of the next party.


Release: 16 September 2016 I Developer: Armature Games, Level 5 Compact, Solo Studios I Platform: Xbox One, PC

Mega Man meets Metro id Prime: At E3 2014 Xbox Exclusive Record plenty Fishermen could win. This was partly due to the familiar names behind the project: The role of the Game Director Mark Pacing took one, who was also instrumental in the acclaimed Metro id Prime Trilogy. In addition, was Games legend and Mega-Man creator Meiji Infuse Producer.
On the other hand won Record that could collect about the gameplay the much early praise for the loving look and the many cuddly robot friends.

For release in 2016 but made his disillusionment: In the role of Joule we indeed have an interesting game hybrid consisting of one, any amount of Record criticize, but the basic idea, the basic game concept and the characters we liked really well, Source: Microsoft Hüpfspiel and Metroidvania, but on every corner on the planet New Eden lacked polish and elaboration as so often in debut features a row. Of course, games like Uncharted or Assassins Creed were outstanding, but the qualities that today are raving fans, some time were only reached later. We firmly believe Record could get off to a similarly impressive jump with a second part.
Us maybe just missing only the many droids partners who have worked at lightning speed with dogs, spiders or monkey form in our hearts.

About 70 new backward-compatible games for Xbox Series X / S and One!


Release: July 17, 1998, Our Developer: Rare I platform: Nintendo 64, Xbox 360, Game Boy

The completion of our special embodies — how could it be otherwise — Banjo-Kazooie! There are certainly some games fans out there that combine the power duo with Nintendo. No wonder! Its heyday was the 3D platformers on the Nintendo 64. The Italian plumber Mario is obviously untouchable in the gaming world, but if there was someone who could be dangerous for him, it was the bear Banjo and his cheeky bird friend Kazoo.

Instead of a third main part got fans early 2000s a shock message donated: 2002 cult studio Rare was in fact bought by Microsoft, complete with banjo license! However, since then, surprisingly little is happening. In the five games there is really only one that was published under the flagship Xbox: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, which was released in 2008 for the Xbox 360 console.

While there were classic bouncing pleasure again and in some moments one sat down on the old strengths, for the most part, screwing loosely played in various vehicles — not what fans may have hoped for, never fun. In his best moments even great. Apart from that, there were still the 2019 Nintendo Reveal that the two join the Smash Bros squad. Actually a perfect moment to revive the brand again. Instead, we continue to wait for a true successor. Hopefully not a long time to let the brand continue to seize would be quite stupid… or not?

To which long-forgotten Xbox pearls do you remember? And which deserve to be buried and polished? Write us your favorites in the comments, there are still some!

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You can criticize a lot of record, but the fundamental idea, the base game concept and the characters have really liked us. [Source: Microsoft]

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