Pok mon Go Trainer Discover big problem with Feelinara to C

In Pokémon GO runs a huge Community Day, which also brings Feeling special attack as a highlight in December. But exactly with the attack there is a problem if you do not vorarbeitet.

Whats it about? The Community Day in December 2021 at Pokémon GO was recently announced by Ni antic. All Pokémon the C-Day events from 2021 and 2020, will play a role. Among other things, you can Pokémon again the attacks teach that are exclusively designed for the C-Days.

Developing to Feeling but is not as easy as last time. Coach found that out and discuss that you should already work ahead now, if you look strong Feeling want to develop psycho shock.

70 hearts for Feeling — Begin now to order

What is the problem? On Twitter, the account GOStadiumPvP writes information to all players of Pokémon GO. Feeling will not have reduced buddy hearts requirements. We would recommend you now to work on it. This is official information that have received directly from the account Ni antic.

Behind this message is that you have to earn 70 hearts with Evil as new sidekick for the development of Evil to Feeling. But this is impossible in one day.

At Community Day with Evil in August Ni antic solved the problem so that they reduced the requirement of 70 heart 7 heart. So all the coaches at the Community Day strong Evil could catch, and then they develop during the event to Feeling so that the Pokémon then learned Psycho shock.


In December 2021 Evil (December 19 Sunday) appears as an event Pokémon on the second day
You would have to evolve Levee to Monday (Dec. 20), so that the charging Feeling attack Psycho shock is learning
It is impossible to make an Evil to Monday 70 heart when you have caught Sunday
Why should you are already strong Levee as new sidekick Pokémon choose and earn hearts with them so that you have until December 20, enough of them with 70 hearts

Consider that you Feeling also unique develop differently can:

say Coach: In the community on Reddit is the decision of Ni antic, not to reduce the heart-demand, a big issue. Players will find the stupid, but also state that it now has enough time to make the hearts.

It speaks partly to the point, let us develop Shock when the heart request is not changed, Nesabethan writes on Reddit.

24 hearts and a few more by buddy gifts is the maximum we can earn per day. Levee will appear on Sunday and Availability for the attack ends on Monday. We need 70 hearts, so its impossible to get psychological shock to the Evil we catch during the event. And this is the first Evil event since the last Community Day. So most of the Eevee-catches, which we have not yet given the attack will come from the event. It would be the first Community Day event, in which they give us the attack, but we can not teach the Pokémon that we caught that day.

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Shirin explained how she now your Evil prepare can: […] If you want it simple, it feed [the Evil] three times a day and once make an AR screenshot instead of a quick snack. If you start at 0, you need only 17.5 days to accomplish.

Have you been hoping that Ni antic changed the requirements of Feeling for the Community Day in December, or is you is not so important, and you can click on Feeling with psychological shock waive the Pokémon anyway? Leave us your opinion about it but here on Mango in the comments.

Now, the Community Day is with Shane in November at the door. We show you in the linked guide all you have to know her to the event and how you are well-prepared.

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